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It Doesn't Get Easier...

One irrefutable fact I've learned in my 5 months at High Performance Gym is "It doesn't get any easier".  The fact is, you just keep getting better.  If you're working out and it's "easy" you aren't working hard enough.  Pure and simple.  I'm doing work outs these days that would've left me puking on the High Performance lawn a few months ago.  These last few days have been absolute killer workouts.

Today was a miniature version of the Apex Games base line workout:

30 dead lifts @ 225
10 burpees
30 wall balls
10 burpees
2 laps farmer's walks

As many reps as possible for 10 minutes.  If you finish, you start again until time is up.  I was able to finish 1 round + 14 reps on the dead lifts.

What I am most grateful for is Clay's meticulous eye for form, and his ability to diagnose the problem that is causing it.  I was rounding my back more than I should on the dead lifts.  He diagnosed it as tight calves not allowing me to get my butt low and my chest out (creating a flat back).

Focus on form, the weight will come!

03/25/2014 6:57PM
It Doesn't Get Easier...
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