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Gun Control

To this point I've more  or less kept my mouth shut on the issue of the day...gun control.  Perhaps it's because I don't pretend to know everything, nor do I make rash decisions based on a small piece of information.

I'm in the studio right now doing the show and of course, CNN is covering the issue.  I'd like to applaud the team for making a very clear point I think most people don't know:  An assault weapon does not equal a machine gun (which have been illegal in this country since the 1930's).  An assault weapon is generally characterized as such based on it's features; i.e. tactical rails, upgraded sites, grips, etc.  One trigger pull = one round fired.  By that logic, an assault weapon is equally as deadly (or effective depending on your point of view) as a hand gun.  Again, as such an assault weapon ban doesn't make much sense at all.  At least with an assault weapon you can see if someone's got it because they're so big.

I don't think any new gun control is necessary.  We have thousands of gun laws on the books, and politics has neutered those laws.

In my opinion, we need to examine, overhaul, and streamline the laws we already have instead of making everything more convoluted.

01/24/2013 7:23PM
Gun Control
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02/02/2013 2:13PM
my point
i love your point assult weapons are for people who want to defend them selves compition shoot etc but a machine gun is for nothing but killing as many people as fast as possible and everyone needs to know that all of these people have had history of mental illnessis and should have neer had acsess to a sharp knife let alone a firarm of any kind we need laws only for people with mental illnessies and not everyone elses
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