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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

I will stay quitted!

After waaaaaaaay too long I quit dipping on Tuesday at approximately 2:45 PM.  I told the story on the air this morning but in case you missed it.....

My father, the great Phil "Diddy" Harris passed away three years ago, the result of lung cancer (smoking).  He left us at the age of 59.  On Tuesday, as Grace jumped in the car from school and asked me if I was dipping?  I said yes.  Then she said, how old are you gonna be Friday?  36, I said.  Then she says, how old was Papa when he died?  59.  As I tell her then I can see in the rearview mirror, she calculated how long I have left.  It hit me like a ton of bricks.  I have to stop this nasty, gross, disgusting habit.  Talking to Jeff Lewis Neal on the air. 

And I also needed to quit the dip. 

I reached into my pocket, got that half can of Skoal Straight Lone Cut and gave it to her and told her to throw it away, I'm done.  I also told her that if she ever sees a can in the house or wherever to throw it away.  But she's not gonna find any.  I'm done.  And now that I think the nicotine is officially out of my system I feel great. 

Unfortunately, Grace didn't throw the dip away, and is now dipping.

In case DSS reads my blog, that was a joke and I really did quit and will stay quitted!  Wish me luck and pray!


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10/28/2011 4:42PM
I will stay quitted!
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10/28/2011 5:06PM
way to go matt
unfortunately i catch ur show from 6-7am right before work and i enjoy a nice cigar and a vodka before i clock in for the day,am proud of u good job man,thanks for the years of entertainment and truth,hope the show goes on forever.
10/28/2011 7:16PM
way to go!
That's awesome, Matt! You have a smart little girl.
11/02/2011 5:33AM
Mazel Tov
Great blog. Great topic. Good luck -- you're a better man than I am. Been smoking for over 20 years. My 7 year-old is turning up the heat on me to quit and I'm letting him down every day.
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