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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Homeless people > you & me

It is good.  Psyched about Birthday Bash on 10/2.  It's gonna be a magical afternoon/evening at Heritage Park.  I just saw another homeless guy on Woodruff Road with his cardboard sign.  These poor people.  I love their will power!  When society and life took a proverbial dump on them, they said oh no you didn't!  I'm sure they sat there in Falls Park down and out and thought, "They can take my house, they can take my car, but they will never take away my freedom!"  While some lemmings run to get a paper and look through the classified ads for jobs-these folks are rebels, martyrs even!  They said they are too good to go work at the car wash!  Too good to work fast food!  But not too good to express their freedom of speech!  Like the great American frontiersman placed on a pedestal at Disney World, these warriors live off the land!  They scramble to find a piece of cardboard.  Like Billy The Kid, they probably steal....a Sharpie!  And with that they are ready to prepare their message for the people!  "WILL WORK FOR FOOD!"  "OUT OF WORK, PLEASE HELP!"  They stand out there in the heat, sometimes the rain.  Some of the more rambuncious rebels will walk up the shoulder of the road holding the sign where you can see it.  While others dare to not look you in the eye.  Why?  Because they don't have to, damn it!  And if they want to bring their sickly, malnourished dog they will, because they can!  Bet you can't take your pet to work.  Let's face it folks, these people are the real backbone of America!  So, next time you pick up your phone and pretend to talk to someone so you don't have to look them in the eye, stop.  Reach down into your drink holder and throw that 83 cents at them.  These amazing fixtures of American society will snap up each coin faster than anyone with the last name Steinberg or Ellenburg.  And while you go to your pitiful 9-5, these winners will stand outside for 12 hours a day earning upwards of $8.72 per day!  Respect the homeless, real American heroes. -Maffew

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09/07/2010 12:52PM
Homeless people > you & me
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09/22/2010 8:01AM
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