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Head hair

I love my beard.  In fact I didn't start putting conditioner on my head hair until I was told to use it on my beard.  "Head hair" laughed.

Katie is in love with my beard-she likes to pull on it when she gets excited!  But America hasn't always been in love with the beard.  Beards became a political issue for a time in the early 1940's.  For several decades before that they had been almost unknown.  Joseph Palmer "expressed himself" by wearing a long beard.  It was no big deal wherever he went, until one day.  He injured some representative of the established order who attempted to hold him down and cut the beard off.  Palmer was thrown into jail.  If he had been a martyr to some great religious faith instead of to the sanctity of his beard, he might now be celebrated rather than forgotten.

R.I.P.  Joe

mattman "the rise guys"


04/19/2012 3:19PM
Head hair
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04/26/2012 11:03PM
where's the post about angels that i hear u talk about from time to time on the show? i only catch bits and pieces while i'm at work in the mornings. i would love for you to make a blog about this so that we could discuss it! i don't have time to call in and wait because of work. maybe this would be a better way!
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