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Ok, I'm not one to talk sports much being I am somewhat of a geek and a musician.  Ok, to be fair, I'm a half-ass geek and musician.  I guess now I'm a third-ass geek, musician and sports nut.  Guess that makes me a jackass of all trades and/or hobbies!

Anyways, before I get into football, the weekend started with me and the little lady hitting Toys 'R' Us to get my little cousin Jay something for his 3rd birthday party.  Completely unintentionally I ended up getting the little tike Star Wars gear: a Darth Vader t-shirt and an R2-D2 Mr. Potato Head.  To top it off, we even bought a Darth Vader gift bag to put them in!

Unfortunately, Tessa had to work on Saturday so I had to go to the birthday party without her.  I was pleased to see that Jay seemingly really liked the shirt.  While at the party, the Clemson/FSU game started and the Tigers really brought their A game as they ended up taking the Seminoles out.  Later that day, Carolina, although not playing as well as Clemson with the exception of Marcus Lattimore, all but shut out Vanderbilt.

Speaking of Carolina, the Panthers landed their first win against Jacksonville while New Orleans came from behind to beat Houston so Tessa was pleased.  Finally I got to see my Bucs in action as they faced Atlanta in Tampa Bay.  Josh Freeman really played well as he even overcame a bad snap to pull off a successful play for a first down.  In light of their match-up against Atlanta, I have high hopes that they could very well take the NFC South division this season and make it to the playoffs.  If only they fare as well against New Orleans on October 16th!  There will be much smack talking in the Twisted Den that day!

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09/27/2011 11:57AM
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