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Friday night in Sparkle City

It's Friday evening in Spartanburg, if you hadn't already figured that out. After freezing rain and sleet all day, the roads are pretty bad in a lot of places and everyone is home trying to keep warm on the coldest day we've had all winter. It is what it is.
I left a bottle of Jack Daniels in the toolbox on my truck. I don't have much use for tools at the moment, but I have some ideas in mind for that bottle of whiskey.
There's only one thing that could get me out of this house right now and she ain't calling. Here's to the night, the ice and the smile on my face I can't quite explain. Y'all be careful. Stay safe. And Rob Ianuario has your back if it ever gets too hairy. He's good at that.

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01/25/2013 7:01PM
Friday night in Sparkle City
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04/17/2013 3:06PM
Old Re: To old Blog
I hear you dude, listen to your show everyday since the beginning. Started in the Pen. and still laughing my vajayjay off. You guys got me thru the year I pulled like a breeze. Keep up the good radio. I'd like to come check you guys out sometime, would that be do-able? By the way My name is Bud, I tried to get a P1 handle but I obviously did something wrong. Maybe you can help me with that too. Thanks for all the years of great radio.
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