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Frankie & Ninny

We interviewed UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar yesterday on the show. He's one hell of a world class wrestler and a really tough Jersey kid you'd probably know better than to mess with even though he's small. He'd give you that moment of second thought where your brain says, "You know he looks just a little too scrappy to think that'd ever be easy." And you'd be right considering he's a professional fighter with a championship belt in the UFC. I told him I'm not the biggest fan of his fighting style. I've felt that way for a while. I thought his fight with Gray Maynard was solid, but for the most part I get mad when I pay for a UFC pay per view then see a guy throwing jabs while running backwards. Frankie Edgar does a little bit of that. Thing is, he can do that. He's fast and elusive with lightning quick hands and feet so he can avoid contact with the other guy and win on points pretty easily using his jab and a little wrestling where he needs it. Highly effective. Really smart strategy. Those two things I greatly enjoy. Still, 50 bucks for a fight makes me wish for some broken arms and bleeding. Some knockouts and blood splatter. That'd make the whole thing much more fun. Hell, just two dudes mixing it up. Something that resembles a fight would be awesome. So I'm left in the position of not liking the way the guy fights, but liking him as a person and that left me in a spot where I couldn't just be an ass to him when we had him on. Well, we could've been an act, but that would have been a charade and we generally try and shoot pretty straight with the P1's around here. In the end, good for Frankie Edgar. He said he fights to win and he doesn't care much what I think or what anybody else thinks. That's why he's the guy with the belt at the top of the UFC's deepest, most talented division.

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04/01/2011 1:31AM
Frankie & Ninny
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