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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Fat Boy is the worst.

Hey pissies!  I was talking with a neighbor at our mailboxes today and soon another one joined in on the conversation.  The first dude and I (we'll call him William) were talking about the TV show "Lost" and how we never got into it because it seemed too deep and had that "you gotta read between the lines to get it" feel.  Then neighbor 2 (we'll call her Wanda) screams "Don't say anything past season 4!" 

Listen I know how it is to live in a DVR world.  I watch very little TV live anymore.  But if the show that you are watching via Netflix has already been cancelled or ended on regular TV, I say tough t!tt!e! 

Speaking of TV, I don't get "Sons Of Anarchy."  And when one of you hardcore SOA fans asks if I watch it and I say I don't get it- you look so offended,  Fat Boy is the worst.  And for some reason he keeps asking me if I changed my mind and watched.  The answer is always no and he looks so defeated.  Weird part is, I have yet to find anyone else that feels that way.  With that show you either watch and love it or just never heard of it.  I'm weird.  But not weird like JLN, dude's an alien.

Tickle it my friends


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11/10/2011 6:23PM
Fat Boy is the worst.
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