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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Eating apple pie while on unemplyment

Twitter is a evil little corner of the internet.  I guess it's the anonymity and you can say whatever.  But after this morning's show where I said there was way too much 9/11 media coverage on Sunday, I got a few negative tweets.  I said over and over today that I appreciate the day, mourn the losses, and am glad we got that bastard Bin Laden.  And I too realize it's the 10 year anniversary, but come on.  Animal Planet doing a show on pets whose owners passed on 9/11.  Michelle Obama was on Disney channel in Grace's room talking about it.  Then football, wow.  I was done with 9/11.  It's a horrible damn day, so depressing.  And I didn't lose anyone close to me.  Everyone is programmed to mope around.  I saw we talk about the positives a littl emore on 9/11 instead of showing the planes hitting again and again.  Of course this morning's tweet were "You are UnAmerican for that?"  "Were you born in Kenya too, Mattman?" 

I'm more American than John Wayne playing baseball eating apple pie while on unemployment.  The media is powerful.  More powerful than you think.  Until the internet was invented they had us by the balls.  What they delivered was "the news."  I'm just saying, yeah maybe a program, not an entire weekend of tragedy talk and maybe just maybe talk to the survivors.  But they won't.  A current TV anchorman here locally once told me "bad news is good news for the news, good news is bad news for the news."  She was a reporter then.  And she was and is right.  We do love our scandals in America and by using things like a Kardashian wedding or a TV Reality Star Suicide to blind us from the news they don't want us to knowm like frogs on lilly pads we are on to the next scandal.

You may follow me on Twitter twitter.com/ohmaffew unless you're gonna a butthole and call me a Commie then I may retweet you, begrundgingly.

Take a look, and call the law!

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09/12/2011 10:00PM
Eating apple pie while on unemplyment
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