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Friday night marked the beginning of SLAVEDRIVER's quest for global enslavement as we took the stage at Ground Zero for the first time ever.  FACELESS ENEMY opened the show at 9:30 followed by HARMDIVISION at 10:30 then we went on shortly after 11:30.  The sound guy got us started by playing the produced intro I did using some of the production tools here at the station then we broke into a brief musical intro leading into "Inside I Die".  At first I had difficulty focusing in the stage lights but then I got a handle on it and by the time we went into the second song "Loose Nooses" I was fine....for a brief moment!  My old problem of gripping my pick too hard came back tenfold as I could barely hold onto my pick for half of the songs and I ended up cutting out of certain parts.  Finally, I gave up on trying to hold the pick, threw it in my mouth and played with my fingers for a portion of the set.

Despite the struggles I was having on stage, apparently the show went really well and the audience ate it up!  Hopefully that will be the worst I ever perform on stage with SLAVEDRIVER and I will come back harder and conquer my weaknesses and put on the show I know I am capable of when we hit the Handlebar on July 14th!

Now I could post dozens and dozens of pics from the show but our drummer Ray made a killer live collage of us for our facebook using pics from the show:

After the show we were hanging around with some friends and nearly acquired fans when Tessa decided to go ahead and head home to let our dog Vader out of his crate since we drove separately just for that purpose.  She quickly returned from her car and called out for me and told me her car had been broken into and her purse stolen.  By the time she had called the cops and checked her account, the thieves had already taken $500 out of her account by using the last 4 digits of her social security card.  Needless to say it was a bitter end to an otherwise rockin' evening.

The next morning we slept in a little then made our way up to Rutherford County, NC to visit her mother.  We went and grabbed some lunch at Chili's then decided to go into Shelby, NC and catch Snow White and the Huntsman.  By the time we got back to her mother's house, it was time for us to go home and get some much needed rest.

On Sunday we decided to grab Vader and take him over to my mom's and my Aunt Pat's and let him run around for a little while since he doesn't get a chance to do so much since we live in an apartment for the time being (although we should be closing on our house in just a few weeks).  We took him by the creek that runs by my mom's apartment complex and let him splash around in the water and even swim a bit in the deeper parts.  Thankfully this wore his little ass out so he slept while Tessa and I did some laundry and dishes.  Can't wait til he has a yard to run around in ALL the time!

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06/04/2012 10:23PM
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08/07/2012 3:32PM
hey todd
I dnt know if you'll remember me its Jessica just wanted to say hey hope your doing well
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