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Drawing a winner out of a hat

If you've listened to our show for a while, you know I draw a college team from a hat each season as my official team to root for. I have a bit more fondness for the Gamecocks than for the Tigers, but I never swore allegiance to either because warring family (house divided, brother!) tugged at me to go both ways till I finally went neither way as a kid. That brings me to drawing it out of a hat!
Last year, Purdue. This year, Florida State. Years past, Presbyterian, UNC and a team or two I don't really recall.
With Purdue last year, I had a mediocre team struggling to go for .500. With FSU this year, I have almost a sure thing now that they've beaten Clemson. Looks like nobody else in the ACC is going to have much for them. Sadly. I like when it's interesting, like last year with Purdue. This year, it's just beating people up and it takes all the drama out of the wager between Maffew and myself.

I haven't heard much from FSU fans this year. I know they're out there. I know some of them, but man they don't socialize much with football fans as best I can tell.
The Purdue fans last year were super friendly. They'd go to Bailey's to watch all the games and they invited me out to watch with them. When I saw them out in public, they were friendly and excited and super nice. This year, FSU fans have been silent while they watched the Noles run up the polls and dominate everybody, including Clemson. I think a tradition of winning will do that to you. A tradition of mediocrity and struggle builds character. Winning too much robs you of it.

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09/25/2012 3:49PM
Drawing a winner out of a hat
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