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Scott Weiland Rants

If you're unfamiliar what's going on with STP, several months ago founding lead singer Scott Weiland announced he was going on a "Purple to the Core" tour.  Scott, out in front of a band that is NOT Stone Temple Pilots would be playing STP's two seminal albums.  A few weeks later, the remaining band members announced they were kicking Scott out, with the possibility of Chester Bennington as a replacement.  Scott has since filed suit saying they don't have the right to call themselves STP anymore.  He posted this letter to his fans on his facebook page May 24th.

A letter to my fans,

Like everybody else out there, I read about my band, Stone Temple Pilots, and their recent performance this past weekend with a new singer. To tell you the truth, it took me by surprise. And it hurt.

But the band that played last weekend was not Stone Temple Pilots and it was wrong of them to present themselves as that.

First of all they don't have the legal right to call themselves STP because I'm still a member of the band. And more importantly, they don't have the ethical right to call themselves Stone Temple Pilots because it's misleading and dishonest to the millions of fans that have followed us for so many years.

When I tour on my own, it's never as Stone Temple Pilots. It's as Scott Weiland. The fans deserve to know what they're getting.

Like any band that's stood the test of time and made music for more than two decades, STP had a special alchemy - the four of us together were greater than any one of us apart. So if my former bandmates want to tour with a new singer, that's their prerogative.

I don't give a fuck what they call themselves, but it's not Stone Temple Pilots.
And so I say to you, our fans, I'll see you out there on the road this summer where I'm touring as "Scott Weiland" with my band The Wildabouts. But don't give up on STP. I know I haven't.

~ Scott

Who do you think is in the right?  Scott or STP?

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05/30/2013 8:12PM
Scott Weiland Rants
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06/10/2013 11:32AM
Not right to dupe the people buying tix to see a band they love. So much effort goes into promos would take 4 sec to speak the new singers name. New credit to that person and honesty to others.
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