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Matthew "Mattman" Harris

Chapter 4

Hey guyyyyyyys, b'dis good. It's Chapter 4 of "The Mind Of Maffew." Speaking of that, I used to blog back in like Year 2 of TRG and the name of that blog was "Diary Of A Mattman." Someone emailed me and said why not use that title, it was kinda catchy. The answer is very simple, Mattman is dead. Yeah, Matt is still here or Maffew as my Daddy used to call me and now half of Greenville. Mattman is dead for this reason. That was a nickname given to me that has absolutely no meaning and was only given to me for marketing reasons.  My thoughts are that our show is so good you could call it "The Old Fashion Runny Hockey Radio Hour" and it would still work. I don't know it's just weird - no one really called me that, it was always Matt or Maffew. In fact, usually the only people that called me Mattman was our big balled voice guy Ed or Va-Va Vince. Just wanted to point that all out. Speaking of VINCE, Paige and I made an appearance at AT&T today in Spartanburg. And being the home of Vincent, he showed up with Valentine gifts for Paige.

vince paige

He was also wearing a brand new jacket that I found to just be very ironic.

vince jacket

I took my 6 year old Grace for the appearance with Paige. Grace has been on the show a lot over the years. As a matter of fact, the show had only been on the air for 10 days when she was born. So she's out there hanging with Paige and I and a few people asked us to sign things. T-shirts, stickers, CD's, etc. Well, Grace was paying attention and started asking people if they wanted her autograph too. (She's got an ego like her Daddy) So they did, she signed, and then I could see the wheels turning. She started getting paper plates and signing around 10 or so. She didn't even ask anymore, she'd just pass out the signed plates to people. grace signing autos Then P1 Plowed Again showed up. Grace asked him if he wanted her autograph and he said, "Sure how much?" Again, I could see the wheels turning. "Somebody will pay me to sign my name on a paper plate?" She thought about it and said, "I'll take $5!" Paige and I busted out laughing. I'm sure we were both thinking "Grace we're the stars here. If people are going to pay for anybody's autograph it will be Matt's." (Yes, Paige was thinking that too) So, we laughed it off. grace $5 Yep, he paid her the $5 for her autograph. Now that I think about it, it was a good investment. I mean she is MY daughter, so yeah it was worth the $5. It is Valentine's Day. I didn't get any cards, flowers, candy, or strip-a-grams. No, my Valentine is a restaurant apparently. bojangles That's my ham biscuit from Bojangle's. For V-Day they made me a heart shaped biscuit. So BoJo, I got your message through the biscuit. You wanna boff me. Coo, I'm down. I want to eat your dirty rice too. Me? I'm just blogging in the dark touching myself. blogging in dark Time for DID YOU KNOW..... Did you know that the Next Of Mayor James "Nine" McDonald wears a pair of Strawberry Shortcake boxers handmade by his mom Moose? nines strawberry boxers And in closing it's now time for Matt's Fan Of The Week. I usually limit this to the ladies, but this guy seems like a pretty cool dude. Tommy is 60 years old, born in Canada he now resides in California. He listens to The Rise Guys online. Tommy writes: "Dear Matt, Man, I really enjoy listening to your show especially you man. You're one funny dude, man. My wife wanted me to ask you if you're related to that George Clooney dude. Yeah my wife, man she's totally hot for you man. Me, I'm a comedian, man. I act a little too. But you, man, you are like a radio God. I'm one jealous man, man. I've done a few things in my career but I gotta say the best thing I ever experienced was meeting you and that Nine kid in Charlotte several years ago, man. I actually met Nine first because we burned a wheel together out back before I met you man. Anyway, here's a picture to help you remind you. Thanks for being so awesome, man. -T. Chong (P1 Glass Pipe)


Thanks Mr. Tommy Chong. That picture kinda looks familiar but again I meet so many people. Good luck with that comedy thing. And to answer your sweet wife's question, no I am of no relation to George Clooney. To quote the great Jeff Spicolli from Fast Times At Ridgemont High - "That guy's a **g!" Ladies if you too would like to receive the spotlight and be Maffew’s Fan Of The Week. Email me at wm933@aol.com and include a recent picture and tell me why you like me so much and how I have changed your life. I’ll be back next week with Chapter 5. Until then, F**KS MY CAR? and God Bless the Shamwow guy! -Maffew wm933@aol.com - email 864-907-9334 - cell https://twitter.com/maffew933

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02/15/2009 12:45AM
Chapter 4
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