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Twisted Todd


Man this past week was ginormous!  Last Monday I obtained some last minute tickets for WWE Raw so I took the Twisted Missus to her first pro rasslin' event!  Even though it's really not her thing, she had a great time and actually enjoyed some of the characters many of which were new to me since I haven't watched wrestling in years.  We both found the Wyatt Family to be intriguing and she was loving her some Sheamus (guess it's a ginger thing)!

Thursday after we both got off work, we went to the IMAX theater in Simpsonville to catch a late evening showing of the new Godzilla reboot.  The film was fantastic with my only complaint being that it focused more on the human characters than the monsters even when the monsters began fighting in the cities.  I wouldn't have minded the cutaways as long as they had been more balanced - think the Battle of Endor scenes in Stars Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi.  In that film there are at least three different major conflicts going on simultaneously with each given a fair amount of screen time that didn't take away from any one conflict.

Despite my one and only complaint, I managed to thoroughly enjoy the film....and some popcorn!


And, ladies, those stylish spectacles are a pair of 3D eyewear I got to rent for my viewing pleasure courtesy of Regal Cinemas!

Saturday was interesting in that, not only was the mother-in-law in town, but so was SC ComiCon so the three of us all went!  I got to meet a childhood hero in Lou Ferrigno, the original Incredible Hulk from the old TV show!  I didn't get a pic with him but I did manage to nab an autograph!


I also met other fun artists, vendors and cosplayers including the South Carolina Ghostbusters!



Love those outfits!  Totally gotta get me one!  Had a great time and I can't wait til next year!  I know Rob Young from Borderlands put a lot on the line putting this show on and, from what I saw Saturday, it paid off!  Good job, Rob and Michele!

Later that evening, we took my mother-in-law, Avis to go see Godzilla along with a friend of ours, Brian and his daughter Shekinah!  I honestly think I enjoyed it even more the second time around!

Unfortunately, now it's back to work so I'm hoping I can survive the work week and make it to this three day weekend since the office will be closed Monday for Memorial Day!  Was that a blog sequel teaser there?!

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05/20/2014 12:54PM
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