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CM Punk

If you know me or even listen to TRG a little bit, you know I've grown up on rasslin. You know we interview a lot of rasslers and those are some of the best things we've ever done. Our hour on the air with Ricky Morton was outstanding. Same with Kane, Kevin Nash, Sheamus.
Interviews we've done with Sting and Edge and Brock Lesnar all went really well, too.
So why did it suck having WWE Champion CM Punk in our studio?
That's tough to figure. Punk being kind of a prick is the most obvious answer. And it's about the only thing I can come up with.
If you've gotten to a point in life where you're officially too cool to like anything, you shouldn't do interviews.
If you've gotten to a point in life where you're too beaten down by all your success in your chosen profession, you should retire. And quit doing interviews.
That's what I don't get about Punk. Why be such a miserable dick of a person? Is it because he's become so successful and is now living his dream? Is that the reason?
Even athletes who are notoriously dickish (Michael Jordan, Barry Bonds, every golfer) know how to do interviews when it's time to talk to someone. They seem to have some degree of basic appreciation for people who basically appreciate them and root them on every time they take to the field or the court or the teebox.
This guy is not like that. It is almost as if he can't figure out why people like him, so he finds it hard to appreciate it. Maybe that's it. Maybe it isn't. Either way, he is memorable for being the first bad interview with a rassler in the history of TRG.

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06/07/2012 12:41PM
CM Punk
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