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Twisted Todd


I am pleased to report that I was able to mow my lawn after work last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, it is already time to mow the backyard again!  Wow it grows fast!

Anyways, I took some time off on Friday so Tessa and I could head up to Carowinds and get a much needed break from moving, packing and unpacking.  Having not gotten a lot of sleep the night before, my usual thrill-seeking game face was not fully functioning so I ended up chickening out of the new ride I came to try, the WindSeeker.  Although we rode more intense rides like the Intimidator and Afterburn, I still never mustered up the courage to sit my ass on a swingset that lifts 300 feet in the air with nothing below you.  The sad part is that I have ridden coasters that were taller (like the Intimidator 305 at Kings Dominion in Virginia) but just could not get myself up to the challenge.

We ended up only staying for four hours or so because I had to make it back for band practice since we have a show at Myrtle Beach this weekend.  I meant to go out to Gottrocks after practice to support some fellow local bands but I was just too pooped.

The next day I got up and at 'em early so I could get my oil changed at Big O Dodge then hit up Borderlands Comics to spend my $25 gift certificate that Rob, the store owner was so gracious to give me for my birthday.  I broke down and got the limited edition Incredible Hulk bust since I had been eyeballing it for some time.

Feeling a bit guilty for blowing money, I did what any rational human being would do....spend MORE money!  I went to Best Buy to pick Tessa up a copy of The Hunger Games on blu-ray.  Being the packaging geek that I am, I had to pick up the Collector's Edition and I also nabbed a couple of PS3 games as well.

After Best Buy, I went by the apartment to pick up a few more things to take to the house then I met up with my fellow bass playing friend Brian to give him the hoodie he let Tessa borrow the night her car got broke into outside of Ground Zero.  I also picked up one of those eco toilet flushers from him that reduces the amount of water used when you flush a pee pee.  Ha!

When I got home, I unloaded the car and installed the new flusher in the main bathroom then texted Tessa's grandmother so that she and Aunt Cheryl could surprise Tessa with a homemade low country boil prepared at our new home.  Her grandmother totally one-upped me by bringing Tessa a brand new Kitchenaid stand mixer - the fancy kind you see on TV cooking shows like Cupcake Wars and such!  So, needless to say, Tessa was quite overwhelmed when she got home from work!

The next morning, Tessa and I got up a little early to straighten up the house a bit as we were expecting someone from the FootHills Golden Retriever Rescue to arrive and see how our Boston Terrier interacted with a Golden Retriever since we are considering adopting a playmate for Vader.  The retriever was a bit annoyed with the rambunctious terrier but they seemed to get along better once outside in the backyard.  Max, the retriever, even managed to find a vulnerable spot in our soaked yard and unleashed a muddy patch we were not aware of.  Needless to say, we got good use out of our new garden hose!

We took it easy the rest of the day.  Well, at least until Tessa had to leave for work.  I made up for some lost time by watching a handful of Monk episodes then crashed early.  Now time to mow the lawn....AGAIN!!!!

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08/21/2012 4:35PM
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