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Trust Issues


Got a call from "Chris" who said while his girlfriend was out of town he was cleaning his car, and found a GPS tracker hidden in the trunk.  Got a TON of calls on this but couldn't put them all on air.  Here's more:

Facebook blew up on this as well, here are some of the best comments:

Ses P. dont say a word and put the tracker in a taxi

James J. Have her arrested for unlawful electronic surveillance then kick her out, the end.

Jennifer T. his fault for cheating once the trust is broken it takes forever to get back! but if she cant trust him than maybe she need to find someone else
Adam P. He should eat a dick for cheating and understand there's reasoning for the trust issue.

Gordon S. I put mine on a STATE TROOPER'S car, that I saw sitting at a restaurant. I bet het lawyer loved that. Idiots!!!!!!!

Dawn R. Break it off immediately...go to the nearest truck stop...stick it on a semi....make her think u skipped town with someone!

11/28/2012 8:35PM
Trust Issues
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11/29/2012 6:20PM
If her trust in him is that low, then they shouldn't be together. If that situation occurred with me, I would most certainly play a cruel joke on the "tracker". The device would be on a semi or a train or something of that nature!
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