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I don't mean to sound all negative but this weekend was sort of a bummer.  Friday night, Tessa and I had to go to her hometown of Spindale, NC for a memorial service for a close friend of her family's.  Then on Saturday, we had to go back to NC for a wedding in Shelby.  We were all excited because we had made plans with some friends to hit some haunted houses up in Charlotte since we were already in Shelby.

We got to the church right at 5 as the wedding was starting and it was over in 20 minutes flat.  So I called our friends to let them know we were out so we could plan the next move.  While waiting for them to make their way to NC, we killed some time at the reception then left before 7.  We started to head towards Charlotte when all of a sudden we lost contact with our friends.  With things looking uncertain and our friends out of reach, we decided to pull over and grab some food and kill some time.

After waiting for over an hour, we grew frustrated and decided to get back in the car and head home.  After we were well on our way, we finally got word that our friends were already in Charlotte.  We told them we were heading home because we were not even sure at that point if they had even left home and we didn't want to get home really late since we had plans with my family the next day.  So we went home frustrated and disappointed and got some rest. 

The next day we met with my mom, her fiance Mark, my aunt Pat and my brother Anthony at J Peters so we could take Mom out for her birthday.  That went well, but I was really bummed later as Tampa Bay didn't only lose to San Francisco, they were decimated 48-3!  THAT HURT!

Oh well, I have high hopes for this weekend as Tessa and I will be heading out to Fall For Greenville this Saturday and hopefully hitting up some haunted houses afterwards.  I'm particularly excited about checking out the Stanley Hotel on Main St since it's being produced by the same producers of last year's Gallows Hall.  We went to Gallows Hall last year and it was, without a doubt, the best haunted house we did last year!

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10/11/2011 11:42AM
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