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Wish you could be here! I'm drinking a 6-pack and need you to clean up my mess!



Man what a morning so far. I guess for me the hot topic is the "Octomom" 's sex tape we talked about in today's 6AM Headlines. Well it's not really a sex tape in my eyes because it's just her and I don't really think oral, masturbation, etc. counts as sex anyway. If "marriage" is defined between a Man and a Woman, then why isn't sex that way to? lol.

I really like the pics I saw of "Octomom" and I would love to watch the tape when it comes out, but you people know me, I would pretty much watch whatever anyway. Matt says she is gross but I think she looks great in this tape, which you may or may not be able to see images from at , MAY OR MAY NOT I STRESS.

We will see how long it takes this "tape" to come out, hopefully soon because I can't wait to review it here for you. Who knows, maybe even post pics and videos later :)


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06/19/2012 10:23AM
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