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Today's Motto; "Live By The Gun, Die By The Gun"

     I went to two Wal Mart's today and the computers were down, I actually got kicked out of one Wal Mart because they were closed, which I'm sure is the first time anybody has been kicked out of any Wal Mart EVER. So for breakfast I'm resorted to using the vending machine that procastronators here use when they are too late for work to go anywhere else. I remember once somebody saying, "We can't get any good breakfast, because places are not open when we have to come to work or the ones that are screw up orders and aren't good", to that person I say, get to work earlier James. Hope this isn't a sign of the times for the rest of the week. Sorry if you were expecting a Haiku Monday, I digress occasionally.

06/10/2013 6:41AM
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