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Today on the show we talked about walking in on people in the bathroom. I didn't say much because I never walked in on anyone; we spied for sure though. It seemed to be a more thought out method and we saw a great deal; it was so worth it. A buddy of mine from High School. Let's say he may or may not have been from Easley and his name may or may not have been Rick.

Rick had an older sister who would have her hot friends over all the time. Well the way the house was situated, Rick's room was beside the bathroom. It was an older hosue so the doors weren't swinging evenly, there was a huge gap between the top of the door and the top baseboard of the frame. Enough of a gap to where we could peek through and watch his sister's hot friends get butt naked. God it was the best thing ever, I got an eyefull. Remember that this was the mid 90's so bush was very much in style, chicks didn't start shaving yet. I can't tell you how many beautiful jugs and asses I saw all those times sleeping at his house. Was definitely well worth it. Sometimes I wonder where those girls are now, I bet they don't look like they did in those days, but I still wouldn't mind finding out. Lol.

P.S. I tricked Rick one time and told him the coast was clear but it wasn't, he saw his sister naked and it was funny as dick hahahahahaha.


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04/30/2012 10:44AM
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