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Hope all of you reading this, two people including me, had a great weekend. Seeing how next Monday the 21st is a company holiday, I will still leave you with only one great Haiku this week and nothing next week. I know it's cruel but the world is a filthy bitch sometimes so enjoy.

I see your Mother
She smells like a fart.
Jeff is gay.
Now I know the last part doesn't meet the 5-7-5 requirement, but I thought I would throw that out there nonetheless to remind people of the AIDS epidemic that this country faces on a daily basis, especially at 25 Garlington Rd in Greenville. I tell Jeff just like the dude on the first Real World use to say, "I'm not a man dying from AIDS, I'm a man living with AIDS" . Glass half full everybody, half full.

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01/14/2013 5:03AM
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02/13/2013 8:26PM
half full
If you get AIDS your probably living a lifestyle that would contribute to contracting it. There are only 3 catagorys, drug use, being afag and accidently. It really is THAT simple. I'm supose to feel sorry for you? yeah right.
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