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Reliving The Glory Days
So I recently moved and while I was moving I came across some of my old plaques, medals and newspaper articles from when I didnt just win in wrestling, but I DOMINATED the competition. I started reliving the glory days with my lovely fiancee bethany to the point to where she is tired of hearing it.  The thrill I got when I stepped on the wrestling mat and won the matches to the point to where my senior season I went undefeated with a 40-0 record, compiled a overall record of 139-15 in 4 years, out of 139 wins, I pinned 107 of them.  Won 2 state titles, 2 Upperstate titles, 3 Region titles, a Greenville County title, among other awards over the years from wrestling.  It was a very fun ride and reliving those days had me lost in my own thoughts.  Have you the P1's ever had the same thing happen? I know it sure happened to me. And thats through the eyes of lewis.
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