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Decisions in Life
Lately I have been given opportunities in life that come to be very confusing decisions.  Decisions that could affect the here and now and some that could affect the rest of my life.  Looking back on everything when I was in high school, I didnt worry about much.  The only thing I worried about was my wrestling career and where it was going to take me.  I constantly kept myself busy in wrestling so where I had a ticket to college which I did.  I didnt worry about bills, or any other situation but lately things have changed to where I have had to worry about such things.  I even within the last couple of years never worried about it but lately ive been thinking about the future and in a way ive been focused more about it and want to do more.  Whether its here or anywhere else, I know what I have to do now.  Thanks to everything thats happened lately in my life, I know the path I need to take.
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This year I have the opportunity to go on a trip, an actual trip with the guys to the great city of myrtle beach and its for Throttlefest. Lots of great bands are going to be there, the first time to see jackyl perform live, and spend some much needed time at the beach. I havent been to the beach in about a little over 5 years so I need some much needed sun.  However theres some things that I need and have been worried about, what is actually gonna happen while at the beach. Im nervous about on thursday what I will have to do while at the beach.  My mind has been wondering and thinking for weeks now just to try and put everything together in my mind.  It worries me a little cause when I sit back and actually think about the possibilities, I get very nervous. So whats gonna happen there, we will soon find out.
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