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Big Opportunity
This saturday at The WNC Ag Center in Asheville,NC I will be wrestling for Ring of Honor.  My opponent, Charlie Haas.  Its been a while since ive been on the big stage to show my abilities and what ive got to a major wrestling company.  The pressure is on for sure but in a way I love that pressure only cause it makes me work harder to prove my point that I am that good at what I do.  Charlie Haas is definately one of the best wrestlers to ever be in the wrestling business.  Former all american at Seton Hall University, multi time WWE tag team champion along with my buddy Shelton Benjamin, multi time ROH World tag team champion, ive definately got my work cut out for me.  going in this match with some adversities happening in my life right now that ive had to battle but on saturday when I arrive at the building, I lace up the boots, and walk through that curtain to the wild ROH crowd with the ROH chants surfacing throughout the arena, you will definately see the best in JLN on saturday. ROH get ready, cause the door for my opportunity has already been kicked in, so let me introduce myself, hi im Jeff Lewis Neal and im here to rule this.  
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Clements being Suspended
I can honestly say that a true friend of mine has been wronged in something.  Wronged by something he said. Heres the thing, jeremy is an all around great guy.  Wouldnt hurt anyone even if he tried.  Would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it.  For NASCAR to suspend him for something he said and for the "reporter" to try to throw him under the bus in order to kiss ass to try and get their place in the company or a spot with the company is rediculous.  Granted it happens alot in america, however when you take someone trying to make a name for themselves and with what went on in daytona for that happen is awful.  And for dale jr to say what he said is stupid in itself.  Like he hasnt done anything wrong in his life.  The only thing I can say to jugg is hang in there cause everything will work out in your favor. 
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