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My Birthday
Coming up this sunday I will turn the magical age of 32 as it is my birthday. I keep trying to think back in my life as to where I would be at this age and point in my life.  The answer is I never knew what I was going to do.  Belive it or not, I was actually wanting to follow in my dads footsteps and be a teacher and a coach.  Still would love to coach but it never panned out.  But I dont regret anything that has ever happened in my life.  Cause now its only getting better. Im very thankful for the things and treasures that have been given to me in my life and will continue to do so. So from here on out, Its only gonna get better and thats through the eyes of lewis.
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28 Hour Big Ass Broadcast
This thursday at 6am, the 28 Hour Big Ass Broadcast begins.  We stay on the air for 28 straight hours to bring toys to children that are less fortunate than others.  We want to make sure that the kids have a wonderful christmas this year and all we are asking for is 1 new unwrapped toy.  The marines will be here with us to take your donations and will be here for the full 28 hours. This will be the 4th time ive done a 28 hour broadcast and let me tell you its brutal but in the end its worth it to make sure that a child doesnt go without this year.  So if you havent done anything good this year, heres your chance to do so by bringing 1 new unwrapped toy to help benefit Toys for Totz.
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Newspaper Article
First off I want to take this time to thank derik vanderford for doing the interview with me in The Union Daily Times Newspaper. Second, when asked how I got into radio, yes it was cause of my boss Mark Hendrix. It wasnt as if he saw me and said hey come aboard, it was the mere fact of us meeting, chatting, and then I asked how to get in and he returned the question if ive ever thought about it.  By meaning "the rest is history" means Im still here and have never been happier.  Chances like that dont come around all the time but when it does, you take the bull  by the horns and run with it.  Its like what an idol of mine said "When you walk up to opportunities door, dont knock it, Kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself." - Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
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