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Switching Roles?
Last week, matt had discussed that he felt I missed my calling or am distracted from what I should be doing.  He felt that I needed to quit the show and take wrestling full time all because of my performance in hendersonville. The thing is in the wrestling business its about who you know. Some people get a huge break on what they know and they just so happen to meet the right people. But very seldom does that happen.  Ive had the opportunity to stand face to face with Vince McMahon before about a possible opportunity as well as John Laurinaitis. Granted the journey isnt over for me but I love where im at right now. I recieved an opportunity with The Rise Guys that I love without question and will continue to do so.  The only thing I will say about it all is Never say Never.
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Hendersonville P1's
This past saturday Matt, Nine, and I were in the great city of Hendersonville,NC.  The response was more than what I expected.  I expected it to be a good crowd, but not what we recieved.  Everyone was very nice and welcomed us with open arms.  From the kids to the adults everyone was excited to meet us and very excited to see what we brought them that night.  Not to mention getting hurt that night, I went through the pain and worked through the pain so where you the P1 or fan got your moneys worth from buying a ticket to see The Rise Guys and watch me wrestle and put on a show for you.  So I would like to take this time on my blog to personally thank you the p1's of hendersonville for supporting us in what we did saturday night and you WILL see us there again very very soon.
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Football Season
Its just right around the corner. Its pigskin time.  This year I definately feel that this year is the year of the gamecocks. With the gamecocks in the USA Today poll ranked 9th and in the BCS ranked 10th I feel its the year that the gamecocks come out and prove that they will be the best team in college football.  With Connor Shaw as quarterback and how he did last year and with Lattimore and Jeffery back its only the beginning.  With the 1st game happening on Aug 30 against Vanderbilt, look for the gamecocks to bring hopfully an undefeated season this year.
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Poll on Facebook
I did a poll recently on my fanpage at and I asked everyone if they felt it was a good idea to rebuild the old Greenville Memorial Auditorium for smaller events that cant sell out the Bilo Center and 95% of the people said that they would love to have it rebuilt. A couple of reasons why it should be rebuilt is it would be more income for the city, a venue that can be used for smaller events that timmons arena wont allow, and it would create more jobs for people in the upstate and give people that are looking for part time work something to do.  Seems to me that greenville wants it back which still raises the question as to why it was torn down in the first place? I understand that greenville demanded and wanted a bigger arena and we got it but why not have the auditorium be in conjuction with the bilo center? More questions continue to build even 15 years after the implosion of the auditorium. You decide should we rebuild it or leave it be?  And that is through the eyes of lewis.
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London Olympics
Ive been trying my best every chance I get to catch up on the olympics.  Whether its michael phelps winning his 19th gold medal, or the olympic weightlifter that had his right arm buckle and break like a twig, ive been doing my best but im looking forward to the wrestling portion of the games.  Most people dont know that the sport of wrestling has been around since the olympics inception.  Its the oldest sport known to mankind.  Some of the best olympians in history were wrestlers.  Guys like Dan Gable, Bruce Baumgartner, Dave Schultz, Kurt Angle, Kendall Cross, Tom Brands, Cael Saunderson, and even UFC Legend Randy Couture was on the 1996 Greco Roman Wrestling team.  But I dont know about you but im interested to see if this years team can do what these past olympians have done.
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