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Wonderboys First Loss
When I found out about stephen thompsons first loss in the ufc and basically ever, most people thought of it as "well we knew it would happen soon." As to the ones that actually know him, we look at it as its only the beginning of a great career for stephen.  For a man to come a long way like he has and to lose his FIRST fight in the ufc, the big stage, people never really look at the word REMATCH alot.  Stephen is a hard worker and I feel I can speak for alot of people and say that stephen will one day become ufc world champion and this is the start for stephen to make that happen.
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So I went on The Hot Seat today and Nine asked me something I don't THINK I had ever admitted to on the show.  He asked me for my sex number.  I told the truth, 26.  A couple shows later we learned Jeff's number was 24.  Before I felt comfortable with my number.  I'm 36.  26 isn't bad at all.  But JLN with 24 bothers me.  It bothers me bad.  He's the biggest man ho I know and there's no way in Pelzer that I've been with more women.  No way.  He's so full of it his eyes are brown.  One day I will get the truth outta that boy.  In the meantime, I'm depressed.

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Brocks Return To WWE
This past monday night on RAW, the day after wrestlemania 28, it was the return of former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.  Lesnar left the wwe back in 2004 to go play football for the minnesota vikings.  His departure from the company left alot of people within wwe as well as the fans a little bitter towards brock cause of his new venture.  He then returned to wrestle in japan for a short stint until he made his mma debut when he fought Min-Soo Kim in june of 2007 where he domi min-soo kim.  He then rose to the top of the UFC by defeating Randy Couture to become the UFC Heavyweight Champion.  He then experienced some  losses but his final loss to Overreem was his calling back to wrestling.  Most of the talk in the wrestlng world is that it was the best decision for him however what is the talk in the mma world?  Are there some that are upset or happy?  Only time will tell to see what is in store for lesnar.
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