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Hey P1s, for three months now you've heard me talk about or post about my workouts at Greenville's High Performance Gym.  You've heard me say how great it is, but the proof really is in the pictures and the hard numbers.  Right above this post is my first set of progress pictures.  Those were actually taken at 11 weeks, but still close enough.  Here's what 12 weeks of hard work, clean eating, and dedication did:
Look at that!  I lost almost three inches off my waist and put 2 inches on my chest.  Obviously for you ladies the chest isn't an area you want to build, so this is skewed a little more for men, but WOW.  You can see in the pictures what kind of change that really is!

Now, what do those numbers really mean?  Well on day 1 all new members take a general fitness test.  It measures what you're capable of on day 1.  Here's how I changed.

Week 0: 47 pushups (in 2 min), 23 sit-ups (in 2 min), 4 pull ups (continuous), and I sprinted 500m on the rower in 1:41.

Week 12:  61 pushups (+14), 30 sit-ups (+9), 11 pull ups (+6), 1:35 500m sprint (- :06).

I can't thank Clay and Elizabeth Burwell at High Performance for guiding me through this.  I still have a long way to go, this is only the beginning, and I will continue to push, I will continue to fight, and I will continue to improve.  Thank you all for your continued support and words of motivation.  If you're looking to get back into rigorous training, or if you are already at a gym but want to step it up, I highly recommend HPG.

If you have any questions about my journey, please ask I'd love to answer them.

Thanks for reading.

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Pushing Through Limits


I'm writing again to update you on my progress with High Performance Gym in Greenville.  As you're aware, I started working with trainers Clay and Elizabeth Burwell November 1st, which puts me just past the 8 week mark.  As of January 3rd I weighed 210.8 lbs, down from roughly 219 when I started.  Weight loss is great, but it's not really the focus of this journey.  To be honest, pounds lost isn't a great indicator of fitness results, how your clothes fit is.  Pants that I just purchased a few weeks before starting with HPG are fitting loser in the waist, a little tighter in the legs (ie muscle built).  Shirts are fitting tighter across my arms and looser around my midsection.  All great things.

Really, I want to talk about gains made in the gym though.  Of course you have to fuel the machine.  Putting good fuel in leads to better results coming out.  I chose to sacrifice sleep Saturday morning and go in for a workout.  Saturdays at HPG are open gym, meaning you come in and set your own workouts.  As I'd just smoked my shoulders doing a dead lift / power clean / split jerk AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) just a day before I wanted to work chest and back.  I can proudly say that I PRed my bench at 260.  My previous PR (personal record) was 255.  I'd also like to say that I'm crazy proud of new HPG member Ken who in only 3 weeks of working out increased his bench PR from 145 to 195.  YEAH!  FIFTY pounds in two weeks.  That dude is a beast.

Next I decided to go for a new PR on dead lifts.  If you don't know what a dead lift is look it up on youtube.  I'm still new to Oly (short for Olympic) lifting so my initial PR of 325 wasn't bad, but not great.  I wanted to blow that number out of the water and with a PMA (positive mental attitude) I was able to dead lift 355 lbs.  Now that's a number I can be proud of.  My goal is to eventually join the 400lb club.  Newbie Ken set his first ever dead lift PR at impressive number.

Working out is fun, lifting heavy objects, testosterone flowing, etc.  But what has surprised me the most is how much of a family every one is at HPG.  Everyone knows everyone's name.  Everyone supports and roots for each other.  Sure our competitive natures come out at times but everyone there is at a different level in their fitness, and just the fact that they've made commitments to increase their fitness makes us respect each other.  That's something I've never had at any other gym I've ever joined.  That is why YOU should come see what High Performance Gym is all about.  You may be thinking "it sounds hard" -- is.  It's supposed to be.  Anything worth accomplishing is hard.  It's not for everyone, so come try it out.  Your first two workouts are free, then sign up for a month.  There are never any contracts so if you want to bail you can, but I highly doubt you will.

High Performance Gym --

We.  Train.  Hard.

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