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Posts from November 2012

Trust Issues

Got a call from "Chris" who said while his girlfriend was out of town he was cleaning his car, and found a GPS tracker hidden in the trunk.  Got a TON of calls on this but couldn't put them all on air.  Here's more:

Facebook blew up on this as well, here are some of the best comments:

Ses P. dont say a word and put the tracker in a taxi

James J. Have her arrested for unlawful electronic surveillance then kick her out, the end.

Jennifer T. his fault for cheating once the trust is broken it takes forever to get back! but if she cant trust him than maybe she need to find someone else
Adam P. He should eat a dick for cheating and understand there's reasoning for the trust issue.

Gordon S. I put mine on a STATE TROOPER'S car, that I saw sitting at a restaurant. I bet het lawyer loved that. Idiots!!!!!!!

Dawn R. Break it off immediately...go to the nearest truck stop...stick it on a semi....make her think u skipped town with someone!
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Let's (not) go bowling
It's that time of year, not the Christmas shopping season, the bowl season.  The time of year when #3 in the BCS polls gets snubbed, and their fan base issues a resounding "rabble rabble rabble"

I for one am thankful the BCS system dies next year in favor of a 4 team playoff for the national championship.  The fans have wanted this for years, it's just a shame it's taken so long for the BCS and conference commissioners to listen to what the customers want.  I've said for 3 years, since the debate began, to let #1 - #4 playoff for the championship, and let #5 + play their gift bag bowls.  See, I went to Appalachian State, an FCS school where we've been playing off for a championship for years.  Playoff football is great and opens the door for more schools to play for a title.

It's about time!
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A Time To Walk / A Time To Crawl
It pains me to say this, but this weekend I have to sell off my buddy, I'm selling my 2010 Jeep Wrangler that I bought brand new off the lot with 17 miles on it.  "Vic" (as in Vic Rattlehead - playing on how awesomely rough the ride is) will go the way of the budget cut.

Vic is my dream Jeep.  I've put a 2" Skyjacker lift kit, 33" Nitto Terra Grappler tires, windshield mounted KC fog lights, NASCAR style billet aluminum hood clamps, along with plenty of other smaller accessories onto it.  Alas, I'm trying to downsize and get a hold on my finaicial situation again.

At least I'm trading it for something cool, a 2004 Jeep Wrangler Sahara with a lfit kit and mud tires.

So pour out a little bit for my homie, as the trade happens this weekend.

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Video of the Day
He may be gay, but he's the toughest gay dude ever!  A bomb explodes pretty close to where he's broadcasting in Israel, and Anderson Cooper continues with his report.

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Mountains Out Of Molehills
Whew!  The election is FINALLY over.  It's time for us to get back to hating each other for our race, religion, and sexual know, the important stuff.  I'm 28 and I've only been politically aware / old enough to vote in the last three elections, but it seems to me that in addition to the news discourse getting nastier and nastier, we are acting nastier and nastier towards each other.  Over what?  Politics?

Call me a cynic, but I am under the general impression that my life isn't going to change much no matter who is elected president.  Think about it: every politician knows swinging too far in either direction is political suicide (besides, politicians always vow to dismantle whatever the other side does when they take back control).

I need everyone to calm down and be sensible, and go back to hating your neighbor because he's black, not because he's a Democrat.
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