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Two days after the new Samsung S5 was released, the Twisted Missus and I went to Verizon to look into getting new phones since both of us hated our Motorola Razr M's.  Unfortunately, we were not up for new phones until September.  However, they do have a new plan called Verizon Edge which allows you to basically lease a phone for a year then trade in for a new one every 12 months which is just as well since new phones become obsolete like every 12 days!

So Tessa went ahead and got the iPhone 5s while I decided to go with the new Samsung S5 since I had been coveting one ever since they were announced.  Unfortunately, all the black models were sold out and I did not care for a white one so they went ahead and ordered one for me.  So, last Thursday, I sat at home until a little after noon anxiously awaiting delivery of my new toy.  I then immediately took it to Verizon to get it activated and I have been loving it ever since!

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As I mentioned briefly in my previous blog, I went to Chesnee last Wednesday to participate in Rainbow Lake Middle School's career day.  This was my second year in a row so I suppose they enjoyed having me last year.  That seemed to be the case once again this year even if the kids were not listeners of the Planet in particular.  It was interesting talking to a group of kids that were not even born when I first started at this station back in March of 1999.  It made me feel old that a handful of kids informed me that their dads listen to the station.  What made me feel even older was that, when I was showing pictures of me with some bands, they did not know who they were.  They were not familiar with The Offspring or even Evanescence!  Many of them knew Chris Jericho from my pic with Fozzy and, of course, they knew Kid Rock and Ozzy.

After my presentations to several classes, I posed for a pic with the other presenters as well as some students in front of the school.

Friday after I got off the air, I made my way down the opposite way on I-85 to Anderson for the Boogerman Bounties release party.  Boogerman Bounties is a horror web series directed by a friend of mine named Robb Baker.  The perks of having a friend with a video camera and accompanying skills is getting to make cameos in some of his projects!  I will have to post my scene when I get my hands on it!

I helped emcee the event even though I had no idea what I was doing (as is usually the case with a lot fo things I do)!  Afterwards, I joined the cast and crew for a group photo.


The next morning, I got up and made my way to Cabela's which was having its grand opening weekend with a little help from some TV and film stars.  One of which being the one and only R. Lee Ermey (aka "The Gunny") best known as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the classic Vietnam war flick Full Metal Jacket.  Being a big fan of that film as well as other films such as Switchback, Se7en, The Frighteners and his History Channel documentary series Mail Call, I had to meet him so I put on my Entercom collared shirt and joined Stoneman from our sister station, Classic Rock 101.1 for his live broadcast there.  I looked official enough to get in and get a picture and an autograph with him right after Stoney did his interview with him and before his autograph session started in the store.


Damn right I had him sign my copy of Full Metal Jacket!  Wanna guess what me and the Twisted Missus watched that night?!
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Last Thursday, one of my favorite bands, Skillet returned to the Upstate for a show packed with fellow Christian rockers at Bon Secours Wellness Arena.  The opening act, who happens to not only share the bill with Skillet but their label as well, dropped by the studio for a quick interview and acoustic tune.  If you missed it, you can catch We As Human playing in the Planet studio here:


And, of course, I got a pic!


Later that night, Tessa and I took some friends of ours' kids to the show since they are both big Skillet fans.  What they didn't know going in was that we were all going to the meet n greet with both Skillet AND Third Day!


As I said earlier, We As Human opened the show followed by former American Idol contestant Mandisa for an interesting mix in the lineup!  Third Day was next for a little country rock flavor followed by former Newsboys frontman Peter Furler then Skillet to tear it down at the end of the night!

With yesterday being April Fools' Day, I thought it would be fun to switch places with Diesel for a day and have both of us pretend to be the other.  I was inspired by Drew Carey and Craig Ferguson who did the same on CBS with Ferguson hosting "The Price is Right" and Carey filling in on "The Late Late Show".  Needless to say we had a lot of fun making fun of each other as Diesel portrayed me as an angry little elf or dwarf or whatever and I played the bonehead gymnut.  Good times!

This morning I was in Chesnee, SC for a career day at Rainbow Lake Middle School corrupting the youth of the Upstate!  I always enjoy working with adolescents and teens so it was good to get to do that and take a break from the office.

After yesterday and this morning, I am trying to get back into my usual TWISTED routine!  Back to the airwaves....as MYSELF today!
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