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Posts from February 2014

Are you looking for something unique and inexpensive to do for a fun date?  Well the answer you seek isn't far and may have been something you've overlooked!

Last Sunday, I was talking to my mom on the phone and she mentioned wanting to go to the Greenville Zoo to see the new baby giraffe, Kiko.  So, Tessa and I thought we would get out and take Mom to the zoo for a fun, impromptu 'date'.

We had a great time without spending a lot of money and got to take a handful of pics!

I LOVE snakes!  Especially venomous ones like the Cottonmouth!

One of my long lost relatives....


This past Friday night, Tessa and I met up with some of her friends from the hospital and went to the Roper Mountain Science Center for their Friday Starry Nights where you get to check out their observatory and check out a feature documentary film in their planetarium.  The observatory is free of charge and the planetarium is only $5 for adults ($4 for kids and seniors) and you not only get to watch the featured documentary, you also get a slideshow lecture about various constellations in the night sky as they are projected on the planetarium dome.

So, if you're looking to forego the cliche dinner and a movie date which can rack up a pretty penny, try the Greenville Zoo or the Daniel Observatory and Planetarium at Roper Mountain Science Center!  You're never too old to enjoy these unique and inexpensive experiences!
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