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Saturday marked my seventh straight year going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra here in Greenville at what is now known as the Bon Secour Wellness Arena.  This year I managed to score 3 pairs of tickets so Tessa and I were able to take two couples who have never experienced the wonder that is TSO!  Joining us this year was Rob and Michele Young who own Borderlands Comics and Games as well as my old friend and former bandmate C.C. and his wife Jill.

Since we were going to the afternoon performance, we all met up at Borderlands around 2 pm so at least one couple could carpool with us.  The show, as always, was absolutely amazing and I got to enjoy being able to share the experience with not just two newbies but four all of whom loved it!

After the show, I hit the merch table and picked up a tour tee and a TSO beanie!  C.C. and Jill had to head back to Seneca while the rest of us grabbed some dinner at Grill Marks downtown.  I had the amazing burger of the week, the Sawmill Burger!

After dinner, we roamed around downtown hitting places like Mast General Store and Poppington's Gourmet Popcorn.  Tessa grabbed her a sweater blanket and a mug from Mast and we got some sea salt and dark chocolate popcorn from Poppington's - the latter of which is no longer accounted for!  Oh well, it's not like we're going to be losing any weight this week with Thanksgiving in two days!
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Oh yeah, this week has been a geek's wet dream!  Marvel's hammer-wielding god returned to the silver screen in the sequel Thor: The Dark World on Friday and DC's legendary alien superhero landed on Blu-ray with the reboot Man of Steel yesterday.  Needless to say, my ass was at the movies Friday night and at Best Buy securing myself a copy yesterday morning!

Ok, by now almost everyone is aware of the upcoming Batman vs Superman film featuring Ben Affleck as the Dark Knight, but c'mon, is that really a fair contest?  Unless Batman discovers kryptonite which, so far, hasn't been introduced in the rebooted Superman franchise, what chance does a mortal with no real superpowers have against an extraterrestrial of almost limitless power and invincibility?

Now, if Marvel and DC were to ever cross comic book universes on the big screen, just think of how epic a fight between a Norse god and the last son of Krypton would be!  Damn, I've got to go change my underwear and get on the air!  While I'm freshening up, just picture this:
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After our limo from Celebrity Limousine dropped us off at the house following the wedding, Tessa and I got our things together and waited on Mimi and Cheryl to pick us up and head down to Florida to board Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas.  When they got to the house, they brought in all the gifts as well as some to go plates of food from the reception including plenty of Walnut Lane Inn's delicious meatloaf!  So we ate and loaded up their Expedition and took off for Port Everglades.  We got about as far as the outskirts of Savannah before we threw in the towel for the night and got a room.

We got up bright and early Sunday morning so we could hit the road in time to board the ship before departure.  Needless to say, we did not do much the first night of the cruise but we did enjoy the surprise oceanview room upgrade Mimi and Cheryl had waiting for us!

Our first full day of the cruise was spent at sea so we did not do much that day either but on Tuesday we were at port in Labadee, Haiti.  We booked an excursion that took us around the island on a boat for a nice little sightseeing trip.


Wednesday was another day at port this time in Falmouth, Jamaica.  I have to say I was very impressed with Jamaica as we took another sightseeing excursion through historic Falmouth (including St. Peter's Anglican Church) and then took a beach break in Ochos Rios.


Thursday was another at sea day as we made our way to Cozumel, Mexico.  Early Friday morning we went on our longest excursion of the trip as we took a ferry boat from Cozumel to Playa del Carmen then a bus to the Mayan Ruins in Tulum.  The ferry ride damn near killed me as it was storming during the ride and the boat rocked like crazy.  People were puking left and right and thankfully I wasn't one of them but my heart was about to bust out of my chest!

When we got to the mainland, we had to find our tour group for our specific excursion and I am pretty certain we walked though a river of human feces in the process.  Oh yeah, an authentic $h!t Creek!  Once we found our group, we walked further to get to our bus and then made our way to Tulum.


After Tulum, we went to a nearby beach and had an authentic Mexican lunch buffet catered to us.  After the beach, we had to take the bus back to board the dreaded ferry once again to get back to Cozumel so we could board the ship.  Thankfully the ferry ride back wasn't as bad since the weather was considerably calmer.  We actually boarded the ship late but, since we were on a Royal Caribbean sanctioned excursion, the ship did not leave us.  In fact, we had made it back to our cabins then out to the hot tub before the ship left the port.  Evidently, we weren't the only ones late getting back to the ship as we set sail an hour past schedule.

Saturday was another day at sea as we made our way back to Port Everglades where we made our grueling trip back home.  Surprisingly, we made it home in less than 13 hours which is incredible since we made numerous pit stops along the way.

It was a fantastic honeymoon filled with lots of food, entertainment and adventures!  Aside from all the excursions, we took in various shows on the ship including the musical Chicago (which thrilled Tessa) as well as feature films such as Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel.  And I gained at least 6 or 7 pounds from eating at damn near every free place on the ship and even a few that were extra charges like Johnny Rockets and the ice cream parlor on the Boardwalk level of the ship!

Now it's back to reality and planning the next cruise!  Hopefully that will be taking my mom on her first cruise and making it Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas which will take its maiden voyage late next year.
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