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Tessa and I went down the road to Hollywood 20 to go see the new Star Trek flick Star Trek Into Darkness last Thursday night.  I really enjoyed the first installment in the franchise reboot but this one absolutely smoked it!  And not to mention that it was a big nod to one of my favorite films from the original series!  If you haven't figured it out by now, you soon will!  Let's just say that "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few....or the one"!
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Tessa and I started out the weekend with a mini date night on Friday night as she was craving some Red Robin (YUM!).  We were gonna try to add a movie to the mix but we were too tired so we decided to wait until Saturday to watch the movie we got from Netflix.

As it were, we had to get up early on Saturday anyways so I could make it down to Anderson for my live broadcast at Bike Street USA.  On our way back from Anderson, we went by Guitar Center (well I did, rather, while Tessa picked up some dog treats next door at PetSmart) then went to Old Time Pottery for some candles and such.

Once we got home, I finally got around to putting some moth balls along the backside of our fence in our backyard to keep snakes out.  But not before I posed for some candid shots with the box of putrid orbs!


After we got settled in for the night, we finally got around to watching Lincoln which was the movie we got in from Netflix.  It was a good film but certainly not a very exciting one!  I was expecting more of a bio flick, but the movie was based solely around the passing of the 13th Amendment which abolished slavery for good whereas the Emancipation Proclamation was more of a temporary wartime sorta deal.

The movie pretty much jumps right into the task at hand and follows many of the shady, backdoor deals Lincoln had to resort to in getting the amendment ratified.  It was interesting to see Lincoln painted in an almost unflattering light but made no mistake in pointing out the virtue of his mission.  The movie is certainly well worth viewing but make sure you eat your Wheaties because it is very slow paced and difficult to follow at times.

On Sunday, Tessa and I did our monthly charity work with the food ministry at our church then picked up my mom and Aunt Pat then took off for Rutherford County where we picked up Tessa's mom.  We drove back down towards Lyman to show them the venue where we are getting married in October.  We stopped in Chesnee on the way to grab some late lunch at Turner's Family Restaurant.  As it turns out, we were among the very last few customers as they are going out of business after nearly 40 years in the Upstate.

After we stopped by the site of our future wedding, we took Tessa's mom back home then headed back home ourselves.  It was good to spend the day with the fam even though a vast majority of it was in my damn car!  I think I'm gonna hitch a ride down to Clemson in the new Planet van this Saturday and give my car a rest!
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Okay, it wasn't the fifth chapter of Iron Man but it was the fourth if you count The Avengers!  However, it did easily dominate the box office on the weekend of Cinco de Mayo and you know my ass went to go see it!  Thursday night at midnight in IMAX!  And it was well worth it!
This may be the last film of the Iron Man franchise, but Marvel Studios made it a point to let you know during the credits that Tony Stark will, indeed, return!  This would leave us superhero freaks to believe that his return will, undoubtedly, be in the next installment of The Avengers.  That would be fine by me since you can't top the ensemble of Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the HULK!  Speaking of which, stay through the credits!

On Saturday, Tessa and I joined my guitarist in SLAVEDRIVER to help my cousin and our drummer Ray move.  Ray ordered pizza for us for our services so that was plenty fine by me since he has helped me move so many times in the past....and I'm a fat guy who likes pizza!  And LOVES it when it's FREE!!!!

Needless to say I didn't feel like doing much the next day on Cinco de Mayo except grabbing some good ol' Mexican food at El Tejano in Simpsonville then wasting some time and a few bucks at Target.  I was more like "Cinco de O' My Back-O!"
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