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Well it's certainly been an interesting weekend leading into an even more interesting week thus far!

Friday night got the train a rollin' with my band SLAVEDRIVER playing Gottrocks here in Greenville with Bonz, the former frontman of STUCK MOJO and his self-titled solo project.  Before the show started, Bonz was checking out our merch table which included some previously worn stage gear.  One of Moon's tees caught his eye so we hooked him up and, lo and behold, he wore it on stage later that night!  Yes, Bonz loves white bitches!

Opening the show was OF GOOD AND EVIL followed by REDEFIND then us.  I gotta say that that was the best I have played live with the band yet!  I only messed up one of our newer tunes "Drag This Out" and I butchered it pretty badly but, for the most part, I was dead on which I feel was largely attributed to the fact that the sound was amazing!  I could actually hear everything including my bass except when I ran over to Moon's side of the stage.  And the crowd was spectacular!

Unfortunately, a lot of the crowd left after we played so I felt bad for BONZ having to play to a leftover crowd.  I had figured a lot more people would have come for the namesake alone considering his tenure with the mighty STUCK MOJO.  However, that didn't deter the band from putting on one helluva show!  Did I mention that Bonz wore Moon's shirt on stage?

Once we got done packing our gear, loading it up, dropping it off at the band room and returning the trailer, my ass was starving so Tessa and I went to Waffle House for some much needed greasy substenance!

After my late night gorging, I had to run back to the station to wrap up some things so I didn't make it back home and crawl into bed until around 6:30 in the morning as the Sun was coming up!

I slept in until about 12:30 and Tessa and I started making our rounds for the day with more gorging at Culver's.  We then hit up Old Navy and Haywood Mall to pick up some things we needed like a few select pieces of garb.  We then stopped by Men's Wearhouse to get some prices on tux rentals for our wedding coming up in October.

Over the course of the weekend, our last two remaining rats finally kicked the rodent bucket.  All I can say is that, although I hate to see critters expire, I am glad our house is rid of the vermin as we do not intend to have any more.  Having said that, rest in peace Val and Nimh, daughters of the deceased Brisby ("Brisa") and nieces of the also deceased Ella.  You will be missed but NOT replaced!
Monday night after work, Tessa and I joined some of her co-workers at Carolina Ale House in downtown Greenville.  Thankfully on our there, we ran into Booger and a friend of his.  So we had them join us which helped me not feel so out of place.  We had a few drinks, some amazing cheese fries and tried to get Booger hooked up with our waitress!

Last night we got the answer to the question, "Can the Handlebar handle GWAR?!"  Let's just say that they survived!  And barely at that since the show was just what one would expect: a cesspool of campy violence, obscene amounts of fake blood and semen and tongue-in-cheek blasphemy which included the mangling of Adolf Hitler and a mock crucifixion and dismemberment of Jesus Christ.  The latter did make me a little uneasy despite the absurdity of it all, but I didn't let it stop me from enjoying the show overall.

Fortunately, a majority of the blood was spewed into the center of the crowd so it missed me and Tessa since we were up front but to the far right of the stage.  However, Oderus had us in his sights when it was time for him to have his bountiful orgasm of fake green semen.  My damn hands and various other body parts are still green despite a nice hot shower after the show!

Despite the mess, the show was amazing!  Security had a helluva time trying to keep the barricade in place with the rowdy crowd and Oderus' mic kept cutting in and out throughout their set but, despite it all, it was one of the greatest shows I have ever....EXPERIENCED!!!!  My GWAR cherry got popped and I got to scratch off an item from my bucket list that I never knew was on it to begin with!  And I want Balsac's goat hoof boots!
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This past weekend Tessa and I went out to Saskatoon for the first time and I absolutely loved it!  We had the fried alligator tail for an appetizer then Tessa got a filet mignon and I got the rainbow trout and, man, it was fantastic!  Not to mention their fresh baked bread with various butters including blueberry butter!  I gotta say, I am a fan!

The rest of the weekend was joyously uneventful but, so far, this week has been on!

Today I had to get up when Tessa did at 5:30 this morning so I could get ready to head up to Chesnee to be a guest speaker at Rainbow Lake Middle School Career Fair 2013.  As a guy who started college aspiring to be a high school math teacher, I love working with kids (mainly teens and preteens) so I really enjoyed getting this opportunity!  As a whole, the students were very receptive and enjoyed having someone in radio come and speak.  And the Planet stickers I brought sure helped!
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Thursday night, the little lady and I went to Simpsonville to catch the new remake of The Evil Dead which, you may or may not have noticed, is titled simply Evil Dead.  The film, in my opinion, is true to the nature of the original which was never intended to be campy like the sequels were.  This, in no way, is a criticism of any of the original films as Evil Dead II is one of my favorite all-time films.

The remake is very brutal and unapologetically bloody as one would only hope.  To those who are against this remake being made in the first place, consider that the original filmmakers (Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell and Rob Tapert) are behind the film as its producers so it's not just a bunch of newbies ruining a classic.

Speaking of classic, although the new film isn't nearly as classic as the original, it is, in many ways, superior in its gory effects and superior script and acting, particularly on the part of Jane Levy who plays the film's main character Mia.  And make sure you stay through the credits for a GROOVY cameo!

The rest of the weekend I rested as much as possible and caught up on some TV watching and video game playing which included a great deal of newfound home 3D entertainment!  I had recently picked up a copy of Resistance 3 after waiting forever for the price to finally drop down to $20 since I hate paying $60 for a video game!  And the game just happens to be 3D compatible and, if you read my last blog, you should know that I now am the proud owner of two pairs of active 3D glasses specifically designed for our new TV!
And, when I purchased The Avengers on Blu-ray, I just happened to have picked up a copy with the 3D version of the film!  So, between the game and the movie, I spent a LOT of time with those 3D glasses on my face!  Needless to say, I was taking a lot of breaks because you're not supposed to wear them for any longer than three hours at a time.  I don't even think I ever had them on for any more than an hour or so at a time!  That $h!t will give you a headache!
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Easter weekend was definitely a tail to tell!  Tessa wanted to have an impromptu date night Friday night so, since she had been craving sushi, I decided to take her out to the new sushi restaurant, Tanoshi Sushi Pub.  We had this awesome flamin' shrimp appetizer and she ordered a boatload of sushi....literally!

She even gave me yet another lesson in the proper use of chopsticks.  I'm still not a pro by any means, but I at least made it through dinner without asking for silverware!  That's not to say I didn't use my fingers for a few pieces of sushi!


On Saturday, we made our way up to her hometown in Rutherford County for her best friend Krista's wedding reception which followed the private ceremony.  Thank God there was lots of food because I was starving!  And burgers and hot dogs at that!  Now that's my kind of reception!

On Easter morning, I had my mom play the Easter bunny and drop off a basket I got for Tessa that included some high tech goodies like the new BioShock game and two pairs of 3D glasses for our new TV!  I had Mom put it together and she even added a few extra sweet treats to balance the techie heavy basket!  She rang the doorbell before 8:30 in the morning which had Tessa in a tizzy wondering who the hell was ringing our doorbell so early.  Thankfully she beat me to the door and found what Mama Easter Bunny had left!

After poking and prodding our spoils, we got ready to go to my aunt Pat's church, Temple Baptist which is the church I grew up in.  Tessa had never been to a hardcore Southern Baptist church before so, needless to say, it was quite an experience for her!

After church, we went to the Coach House with Mom, Aunt Pat and my uncle James Ray.  Man, I love that place!  Better than Cracker Barrel!

After dinner, we met up with Tessa's mom and cousin at the house and had some chocolate oatmeal no bake cookies that Tessa had made and some pineapple cake that Mom had made.  Needless to say, I resumed my diet with a quickness on Monday!
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