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Well it was another glorious week of blowing my half-assed diet with turkey, cornbread dressing, giblet gravy, homemade mac n cheese and a boatload of desserts including my mom's sweet potato pie (which I still have two slices left of in my fridge as we speak) and my Aunt Pat's strawberry cake!  Unfortunately Tessa had to work on Thanksgiving (technically so did I) so Aunt Pat and I ran up to North Greenville Hospital to take her a plate of nommy food!

After she got off work, we ran up to her Mimi's for a little late Thanksgiving rendezvous.  Surprisingly, I was actually too full to eat after at least two or three fully loaded servings earlier in the day - and that's not counting dessert!

After we left Mimi's we gave some early Black Friday shopping at shot as we went by Best Buy for their midnight opening.  The line was wrapped all the way around the building and they were only allowing a certain number of people in at a time so we said screw it and went on home.

After the majority of the madness subsided later Friday evening, we ventured out yet again to Best Buy and Old Navy then feasted on some crab at Red Lobster.

Saturday I had to get up bright and early (for an afternoon radio guy, that is!) and went down to the Bojangle's in Easley as they were doing some tailgating business for the big Clemson/South Carolina showdown in Death Valley.  I got to meet some Planet fans as well as Clemson and Carolina fans to boot!  But, above all else, I got to meet Bo and have me some of their famous chicken n biscuits!

After Bojangle's, Tessa and I went on a crusade for a new Christmas tree and decorations for the new house so we went to Old Time Pottery where we found a $100 dollar 7.5' tree for only $40 then went to Garden Ridge and Lowe's for decorations and fireplace stuff so we could build our first fire in the house while we decorated....well, while Tessa decorated and I assisted....OCCASIONALLY!

Tessa had to go back to work on Sunday so I got with Aunt Pat and we went on a wild goose chase to find Tessa a particular gift I was looking to get for her.  We went to Pier One, TJ Maxx, Hallmark, Belk, Target, Kohl's and Big Lots but to no avail.  I even later went to St. Nick's/Wish Peddler, Haywood Mall and Kirkland's before finally throwing in the towel and resorting to searching online.

Having said that, I went online Monday and searched for the type of gift I was looking for.  After several attempts to 'minimize' my search, I finally found something that came closest to what I had in my head so I put it on my wish list on Amazon.  I then continued looking around and decided to sleep on it before making any rash decision purchases.  Lo and behold when I went back to Amazon yesterday, it was GONE!  FML!!!!
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Okay, maybe not quite but I'll get to that in due time!

This weekend was fairly restful as Tessa and I only got out a few times Saturday and Sunday.  On Saturday I took her out to Lieu's Chinese Bistro on Woodruff Rd because she had been craving Lieu's spicy beef.  Having not been a fan of what I had on my first visit there, I decided to go with something I was sure to like: sweet and sour chicken!  And, lo, it was good!

After Lieu's, we went down to Hollywood 20 to catch the final installment in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I have to admit that I could tolerate it better than some of the films because it was one with a little more action and some good ol' beheadings!

After the movie, we made our way up to Flat Rock, NC to where our engineer Ed lives and was having a party.  When  we got there, we were trying some tasty adult beverages like Apple Pie and Vegas Bombs as well as a good amount of food and desserts to soak up the alcohol.  We had a GREAT time until Tessa started not feeling well so I took her home hoping she could sleep whatever it was off so she could work the next morning.  Unfortunately she couldn't sleep so she called in sick.

Thankfully she finally passed out so we both could get some rest and slept in pretty late.  She never got sick to the point of vomiting so I don't think it was alcohol or food poisoning.  At least she got to stay home and watch some football as my Bucs managed to pull out a win from what looked to be an imminent upset by the Carolina Panthers.  6 and 4 baby!  Now they get to host the Falcons and the big Clemson/Carolina rivalry game is this weekend after what is sure to be another grand Thanksgiving!
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This weekend I managed to get some things done around the house while Tessa was at work both Saturday and Sunday.  Unfortunately that meant I had to fly solo to the Kevin Smith show at the Peace Center.  Mr. Smith talked and answered questions and even posed for a few pics for a solid two and a half hours.

After the show, I got with Mattman because he had told me the day before that there was the possibility that we could have dinner with Kevin Smith.  However, once the show was over, Matt said that apparently only four people (Matt, Nine and their significant others) were allowed to go backstage.  That didn't stop me from trying so I followed them once Mr. Smith's agent came to get them.  He stopped me as they approached the stage and said "Sorry dude."  Oh well, next time I'll make sure I score Kevin Smith some illegal narcotics too.
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Tessa and I got to enjoy a weekend together since she was off both Saturday and Sunday.  We seized the opportunity to finally go through the boxes that were stacked in our dining room and filled our new bookshelves in the process.  Tessa also managed to find a really nice dining room table on Craigslist that we picked up after Ray and Erin's baby shower on Saturday.

Saturday night I assembled the table and bookshelves with the latter evoking a fair amount of screaming and cussing on my part!  However, it was well worth it to actually be able to use our dining room for Sunday dinner with Mom and Aunt Pat!

I left work a few minutes early yesterday after signing off on my last on-air break to go down to the polls and cast my vote.  I had been toying with voting for an independent party candidate since I refused to vote for Romney but was unsure of voting for Obama.  In the end, I decided to cast my ballot for Obama being I actually do think he is a decent president despite all the negativity from folks down south.  Do I agree with all of his policies and plans?  Not at all but it pisses me off hearing all the bullcrap people say about the man calling him a Muslim or, like I read on Facebook today, a "baby killing socialist".  I even had someone I know very well claim that the Illuminati put Obama in power.  If anything, I think Obama is the Scapegoat President because people blame the guy for EVERYTHING!  That's my two cents....back to work!
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