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With Hurricane Sandy brining in all the cold, windy weather, shower time has become a moment of bittersweet bliss while getting ready for work!  Granted, getting out sucks major....uh, well let's just say frozen grapes, cold marbles - you get the idea!

ANYWAYS, that actually has nothing to do with the remainder of this edition of Twisted Thoughts.  I just love the header!

Tessa had to work on Saturday so I spent the day watching football (and, yes, I saw Lattimore's devastating injury!) and playing a LOT of Lego Star Wars!

Sunday, however, Tessa and I got up early and went to pick up my mom and Aunt Pat and took them down to Columbia for their first ever trip to Riverbanks Zoo.  We had a great time and Mom especially loved feeding the giraffes and checking out one of my favorite exhibits, the penguins!

After the zoo, we stopped at Fazoli's for some Italian fast food since we don't have one in Greenville anymore at least not that I am aware of.

After our late lunch, we made our way back to Simpsonville to drop my mom off at her car then Aunt Pat, Tessa and I hit Target so Aunt Pat could get us some cookware as a housewarming gift and we could get my cousin Ray and his wife Erin a gift for their upcoming baby shower.  I managed to nab myself yet another t-shirt since it had an AT-AT crossing some railroad tracks that were aptly labeled "AT-AT CROSSING"!  Yeah, I'm a total Star Wars geek!  I'm not sure if I love my new tee or if Tessa loves her new Rachel Ray cookware more!


Tessa took advantage of having Monday off so she ran to the grocery store to get some stuff to make some seasonal cupcakes for me and my coworkers.  On her way home, she nearly hit a very pregnant Golden Retriever.  Being the animal lover that she is, she loaded the poor creature into her car then called me for advice.  Since we had just adopted a dog from Greenville Humane Society, I suggested that she take her there.  Tessa left her contact information so, if she isn't adopted soon, we will take her to Foothils Golden Retrieve Rescue.  Who wouldn't want this sweetie?!


Since she had spent much of her day with the abandoned dog, Tessa didn't have much time for carving pumpkins outside of baking cupcakes so she only got to one....but it was a GOOD one considering it was her first attempt at a rather complicated two-in-one Jack-O-Lantern!


By the time I got home from Platinum Plus, she had pumpkin spice cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and caramel drizzle waiting on me!  How did I get to be so lucky?

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Yeah I think I outdid myself on the title this time!  But, hey, it accurately sums up the weekend!

After work Friday, I had band practice followed by Tessa and I taking in the new Paranormal Activity film.  After the original, a part prequel/part sequel and an entire prequel, part 4 finally brings us up to date with what became of Katie and Hunter.  However, in answering some questions, others were brought up unanswered and only further confuses you with the very brief post-credits clip.  Part 5?!  Yeah, I think so!

Saturday morning we had every intention of hitting up some yard sales in the area to pick up some stuff for the new house however we ended up sleeping in an hour later than we had intended.  So, after breakfast and riding by a couple of already blown out yard sales, we decided to go to the Greenville Humane Society to find our Boston terrier, Vader a new playmate.  When we got there, Tessa quickly eyed a little Beagle/Australian shepherd mix named Ari so we took her into a private playroom and they bonded immediately.  So we adopted Ari and gave her a new home....AND a new name, Luna!


When we left the Humane Society, we took Luna with us to Lowe's so I could try to find us some manner of shelving for our living room to house our books, games, movies, etc.  We were shocked at how well behaved she was in the store and was equally mannered at PetSmart right afterwards.

We then brought her home to meet her new puppy brother but Tessa thought it would be best for them to meet on neutral ground so we decided to take them down to the pond at the entrance of our subdivision.  I dropped Tessa and Luna off as we pulled up then I went to the house to fetch Vader.  So far the two have gotten along swimmingly with Vader being a bit rough but easing off if Luna yelps.  Who knows, maybe we can eventually crate the two together....with their mommy as well!

Later that evening Tessa and I went out to The Rise Guys' Land of Evil on Highway 123 in Easley where I was broadcasting live.  There was a good turnout as folks were getting geared (or 'feared') up for Halloween!  Unfortunately we did not have time to run through the House of the Dead, the Haunted Mine nor the Trail of Terror because we had to get to Tracy the Web Nazi's "Old Hag" birthday party for a few before heading home at a decent hour so Tessa could get some sleep before work the next day.
While Tessa was at work, I relaxed but managed to get some yardwork done with Mom and Aunt Pat.  At least I can say I did SOMETHING productive this weekend!
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This past weekend was mine and Tessa's annual trip down to Atlanta to go to Netherworld since it is October and Halloween is near!  We started out the weekend by having her best friend Krista and her fiance Brandon join us as we headed to downtown Greenville and check out the Vault of Horror on Main St.  After the haunted house we went back to our not-so-haunted house to watch Cabin in the Woods since Krista and Brandon had never seen it while Tessa baked some nommy cupcakes!

The next morning, Tessa got up bright and early and made breakfast for the four of us including pancakes, bacon, eggs and coffee.  After breakfast, we made our way down to Georgia stopping at the Mall of Georgia before heading into Atlanta to go to the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coke.  It was fun taking Krista and Brandon to the latter since they had never been.  I love taking newbies places and getting to share experiences with them.  That's why I take a newbie couple each year to see TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA!

After the World of Coke, we headed towards Netherworld stopping to grab some dinner along the way.  We stopped at Firehouse Subs and I caught the beginning of the South Carolina/LSU game.  While in line at Netherworld, I was obsessing over the game as I was constantly checking scores on my phone.  However, I did still really enjoy both of this year's Netherworld attractions, Banshee and The Hive, despite obsessing over a game that the Gamecocks eventually TWO points!  The Hive was a great improvement from the Raw Meat side attraction last year since this one dealt with biological experiments gone awry.  Banshee was this year's main attraction and was just as brilliant as always!  Definitely worth the trip and the money!  And, of course, Tessa and I had to stock up on some souvenirs!


We didn't get home until around 3 am and Krista and Brandon headed on home since no one was available to take care of their dogs two nights in a row.  At least they got to nap on the way to my house!

The next morning Tessa and I got up and did our monthly duties at church then went downtown so I could do some stage announcements at the Michelin on Main stage at St. Francis Fall For Greenville.  I got to introduce STEREO REFORM and THE LIONZ OF ZION both of whom I have had as guests on Upstate Unsigned!  I also hung around long enough to catch part of TJ LAZER AND THE NEW DETROITS' set since they have also been guests on the show.


In between sets, Tessa and I were perusing downtown to find some tasty treats like kettle corn and the fantastic doughnut burger from Grille 33!

Having had very little sleep the past few nights, Tessa and I were both exhausted so we came home and took a nap before getting back out and going to see the new horror flick Sinister at the Great Escape in Simpsonville.  The film definitely lived up to the hype about how scary it is as it freaked Tessa out pretty bad.  Let's just say she wasn't having me leave her in the dark at any point that night!  Now for Paranormal Activity 4!
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Tessa and I spent some time with the family on Saturday being it was her only day off this weekend.  Her mom came up to see the new house for the first time and brought us some stuff we can use and even took us out to pick up a few things for the house.

After she left, we went to meet my mom and Aunt Pat for an early birthday dinner for Mom.  Btw, today is actually her birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!

We had dinner a little early since Mom and I both wanted to get home and catch our Gamecocks whoop the Bulldogs asses all the way back to Georgia!  #3 in the nation!'re NEXT!!!!

During dinner Aunt Pat and I got into a rather unlikely debate.  Politics.  Personally I am not big on politics but I do have an opinion although I prefer not to voice it often because well it's one of 'those' topics you just don't discuss.  I guess I must have been in an argumentative mood!

Now Aunt Pat has always been a Democrat whereas I have always leaned Republican.  However, Aunt Pat swears that Obama is a Muslim which may as well be a Satanist in her book!  I, on the other hand, have been turned off by our last president as well as this whole Tea Party crap.  Working in this building with a bunch of hardcore right wingers led by WORD who gives you your daily dose of Rush Limbaugh, I am appalled at how much people demonize Barack Obama.  Granted I am not crazy about the guy nor did I vote for him (I voted for Nader for lack of a better choice) but why do people hate the guy so much?

On the other hand, I personally think Mitt Romney is a snake.  This opinion has nothing to do with his political nor religious views but rather his character portrayed through his image and personality.  However, a majority of people I know and work with think he is a saint.  For this, I would like to see him get elected so they can see him for what he truly is.  Besides I have no qualms with moving to Canada!
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Friday night brought to an end phase one of SLAVEDRIVER's quest for global enslavement as we played our final show of 2012 at Ground Zero.  Despite the fact that there was a fair amount of publicity surrounding the show, not the least of which being quite a positive review of our song "Lies" on The Rise Guys' Brutally Honest music review last Wednesday morning which you can hear by clicking here, the turnout was quite disappointing presumably due to some big high school football games going down in Spartanburg that night.  However, we did not let that deter us from putting on a kickass show as only SLAVEDRIVER knows how!



The show started with newcomers ENTHEAN followed by MOOSE NUCKLE from Columbia then X-MAS so, needless to say, it was a kickass show BEFORE we hit the stage and, if you weren't there, you need to get your beauty sleep this winter and get ready to be enslaved in 2013!
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