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This weekend was a decidedly more laid back weekend for Tessa and myself.  After work we went to go see my Aunt Tina in the hospital who had taken a nasty fall the previous Monday.  She had just come out of surgery to relieve some swelling on her spine so she was quite out of it when we went back to see her.  Her daughter Tonya had come up from Myrtle Beach so I got to see her and her husband Soup for a little while.

After the hospital, we decided to go ahead and get grocery shopping out of the way so we hit Walmart where I picked up a copy of The Muppets on Blu-ray.  On our way out, we ran through the produce department and Tessa spotted a container of kumquats.  Since she had never actually seen kumquats before, her curiosity was aroused so she bought a package of the tiny citrus fruits.  As it turns out, they taste like a cross between an orange and a lemon which works for Tessa since she LOVES lemons and is allergic to oranges though, so far, she hasn't had an allergic reaction from the kumquats.  Not for me, personally!

The next morning I got a text from my guitarist in SLAVEDRIVER, Moon informing me that his dad had lost his fight with pancreatic cancer that morning at 5:30.  His visitation was last night so I went to pay my respects and show my support for the family.  Regrettably Tessa was unable to accompany me because she had to work and I am unable to attend the service which is in progress as I write this.  However, I am able to share Bryan Moon's obituary here so feel free to go and sign the guestbook and give your condolences to the Moon family.

Shortly after receiving the unfortunate news, I had to get up and make my way to Spartanburg for the Electronics Expo and Sale's Sale of the Century.  There was a HUGE selection of name brand electronics on sale and the turnout was great.

Since we were in Spartanburg, we stopped by and visited her grandmother and Aunt Cheryl then went by a couple of the houses we had looked at on Wednesday that we had really liked.  The search will continue on Thursday and hopefully we will be selecting a house soon!

Sunday was the usual laundry day but we also decided to catch a matinee showing of the new teen-based blockbuster The Hunger Games based on the book of the same name.  Tessa is a big fan of both the Twilight and Harry Potter books and films although she has never read The Hunger Games series.  Needless to say, she is definitely considering it since we both actually really enjoyed the film.  I've never read the Harry Potter books but I like the films and just tolerate the Twilight movies but I think I can handle more from The Hunger Games franchise.  Worth a look!
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Well the green was flowing and the saints were matching this weekend as it was St. Patty's Day on Saturday and the hair was hitting the floor the next day at St. Baldrick's!

For St. Patty's Day, the Rise Guys morning show had a Big Ass Draft at Ford's Oyster House in downtown.  Being of Irish heritage, I donned my newly acquired plaid green hat and kilt and made an appearance.  The place was a madhouse so I kept to the walls on either side to avoid being trampled so needless to say the turnout was fantastic!

The next day Tessa got a few hours of sleep after working all night then went back to downtown with me for St. Baldrick's at Larkins on the River.  I led a team of shavees representing my new band SLAVEDRIVER that included my guitarist Chris Moon as well as my brother Anthony plus his friend Michael and my old friend Brian and even Paige's husband, Fireman.  We managed to raise over $250 which was more than half of our goal and got to pose sporting our new dos!

It was great getting to come back and do the event for my second year in a row especially because I got to bring in some people to join me and help support the cause.  Maybe next year will be even bigger!
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After having lived at Roper Mountain Woods apartments for nearly five years, I FINALLY made it to the Roper Mountain Science Center to check out their planetarium and observatory after getting off work on Friday.  It was great because I got to be the kid that I am and enjoy something educational at the same time!

After that, Tessa and I decided to go see the new horror flick Silent House starring Elizabeth Olsen, younger sister of the Olsen twins, despite the fact we had already heard bad reviews.  Personally, I enjoyed the film although I can certainly see what others didn't like about it.  Admittedly the twist at the end has been done before but I appreciated the originality of the one take approach to making the film.

The next day was band practice then Al, Tessa and I went up to the grand reopening of the Ultimate Basement in their new location in the heart of Spindale, NC, Tessa's hometown.  The place was fantastic with a great stage and overall setup.  Can't wait to get SLAVEDRIVER up there for a show!

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Friday night after work, Tessa and I went to go see an old friend of mine, Brian who was celebrating his 34th birthday.  He was having some friends over for a cookout along with some adult beverages.  We brought some drinks ourselves - including the bottle of Jesse James' bourbon given to me by Jesse James Dupree!  So I stuffed my face and had several shots of various drinks especially some Irish cream which was NOM!

The next day I had a station event as we were giving away college championship tickets to our finalists at Hooters on Laurens Rd.  Good ol' Jeff Lewis Neal was in a dunk tank for some nominal prizes while waiting for the drawing of the grand prize.  The turnout was great plus the eye candy was nice considering where we were!  Plus I got to see JLN get dunked and even took a few shots at him myself but to no avail!

When the event was over, Tessa and I grabbed lunch at the Runway Cafe at the downtown airport which was a really neat experience.  When then decided we were in the mood for a movie so we caught a matinee of Dr. Seuss' The Lorax.  The film was very enjoyable although it did have a heavy environmental theme which I found to be fairly hypocritical of Hollywood.

The next day we met up with our real estate agent April to officially begin our house hunting.  We looked at six different houses in the Taylors/Greer area and loved a few of them although there was one that has a special place in our hearts right now.  Unless we see another house that steals our hearts away, this could very well be the house we go with but it's still early in the game!

House hunting is very exciting as is getting SLAVEDRIVER ready to surface!  It has been a busy week for the band as we are getting ready to have shirts made which we will hopefully have in time to wear at Larkins on the River on March 18th where Moon, Al and myself will get our heads shaved to raise money for St. Baldrick's Children's Cancer Research.  Please help us help the kids by donating at http://www.stbaldricks.org/teams/slavedriver.  And, as if THAT wasn't enough, Moon and I will be wrapping up recording our debut single "Push Me Down" tonight at Spectre Studios with Mike Huskey from GHOST IN THE MACHINE!  I'll keep ya posted!
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