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Mi Papa

What if you are having a tabu relationship and you didn't even know it. Could you marry your Brother or Sister? 
Turns out that a couple who is married with children recently found out they are BROTHER AND SISTER.
They met in college and found they had much in common – they were both raised by lesbian parents and neither knew their father, who was a donor at a sperm bank.
The problem with this is that the sperm donor father was the same person, so now they are husband, wife ... sister and brother  I could not imagine how I would fell.  Because of the tabu of incest, I could not continue to be married .
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Manson Pukes

Marilyn Manson had a scary moment on stage last night . While performing In Canada-- he collapsed, reportedly vomiting.  Manson was playing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan when he fell to the floor mid-song. The song was "Beautiful People"..  Meanwhile, the band kept playing, so fans at first thought it was part of the act. Only when medical personnel rushed on stage did they realize it was a real emergency. There are no further reports at this time in regards to his current condition. 

Update: As of Friday, I found out that Manson had the Flu.  I admire the fact that he tried to perform 
for his fans. It only goes to show how bad the flu virus is this year.  Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and now -Manson have all been sick on stage.

Manson's apparent illness comes after he was involved in a brutal fight in Switzerland in December.The rocker required 24 stitches to reattach his ear to his head following the incident during his Twins of Evil tour in Europe. After the injury,  he tweeted a picture of his ear along with details of the altercation.
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Metallica has teamed up with Vans to create a new line of shoes.  Each member of the band is providing their own inspiration for the design. A must have for any Metallic fan.

Disturbed is on a unspecifed hiatus. And, if you think Dave Draiman is taking it easy, think a again!  Dave has been busy working on a solo project The new band this  is called Device. He has a pretty impressive list of guest artists, including Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, and M. Shadows. Draiman also covers the Ozzy/Lita Ford song "Cose My Eye Forever", in a duet with Lizzy Hale from Halestorm.  Device's first single is  "Vilify", which is expected to be released on feb. 19th. The self titled disc is due out April 9th. You can see Device and Halestorm on the Carolina Rebellion tour. 

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San Francisco

The picture on the wall is in Mine and Todd's office.  I have been a 49ers fan for many years. I am not a bitter fan because my team didn’t win the Super Bowl.  I am proud of my 49ers. Colin Kaepernick led one the greatest super bowl comebacks.  Did the power outage help San Francisco?  No, because the 9ers rallied and came back during the second half of the game with Atlanta.  Ultimately, I believe both teams played well.  It was a close game 34-31.  A game well played, as the 49ers came back to score points after half time.  It was very exciting to watch.  Jim Harbaugh did a great job.  With his leadership, we will be back and win a Super Bowl next year.

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