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Punk Rock Girl
I never got into boy bands or rap.  I always loved rock. When I was in High School,  I  would listened to punk rock. I really wasn't into anything mainstream.  We were latch key kids.  My Mom was a single parent. She worked long hours and traveled a lot with her job.  My Brother and I had to fend for ourselves. After school, we would hang out by the pool and listen to music. 

I got into the Grunge in the 90's.  I shopped at American Rag. I wore mini skirts with  Dr. Marten Boots.  So much fun!!

I still think  Henry Rollins is fine as hell.

Tuesday, I was able to get my punk fix with "UNO", the new Green Day release. I was pleasantly surprised.  It made me miss my days without Reality Television. In fact, I never watched TV back then.  Underground stuff was- cool.  I was for free speech and less Government.  I now have become everything I detested. I have become a bourgeois capitalist that drives a BMW.  I am a "sell-out." Maybe, it happens naturally when you grow up. 
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Birthday Bash 2K12


Adelitas Way


Freakin Godsmack!!


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I love Football!

When we were playing the Dare Wall, I chose to do Dirty Thursday for JLN.  So....Thursday, I had to stand on the side of the road wearing a chicken suit.  It was fun !!!! Thanks to all of you who supported me by honking.  I did not go to College in South Carolina, so I have no alliance with any college football team. My niece is going to Carolina.   I like Clemson,  because I used to work with the late Jim Phillips.  He was a wonderful man.  My Father played football for Furman.  The FU Team signed a football for my son.  I thought that was really nice of them.  I met some P1's over the weekend who go to Wofford.  My husband loves Georgia. So therefore, I root for whatever local team is playing.  I would like to attend a bunch of  games this year to see if I like one college team more than the other. 

Cal State Hayward. This is where I went to college. Its now Cal State East Bay. I am not sure if they still have a football team.

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