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Nickelback at VWA

We had an awesome time with Nickelback before the show at the VWA in Charlotte! At first a group of us were in Nickelbacks dressing room. After that, we ate dinner with My Darkest Days and Bush.  I got to chat with the Bass player from Bush -who was really nice. What a crazy night!! Check out the video.

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Friday The 13th
Today on Friday the 13th I am heading up to the mountains for a weekend with the girls. My friend Tina brought it to my attention that we will be up in the woods  tonight.!

Hmm! I am wondering where can I find a sexy blue jump suit.  I might be able to pick up a hockey mask.

We decided to invite the husbands and boyfriends after all........

I don't think anyone by the name Jason will be with us.  However, I don't think that I be taking any walks tonight!

I found this picture on Tina's Facebook page.  I don't think that she is superstitious do you?

Ginny with  a G

It was fun!
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