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The NCAA just hammered Penn St pretty hard. So hard that I'm thinking Penn was wishing they got the 'death penalty', they got something worse. The NCAA version of the 'death penalty' is when you shut down your entire operation for a season, it happened to SMU in the past, but the NCAA told Penn St to forget every season since 1998. All those wins vacated and Paterno's status as one of the most all time winningest coaches almost gone. Not to mention the fact the Nittany Lions have a new first year head coach who is extremely behind the eight ball since the NCAA also took scholarships from the university for the next four years as well as postseason bans. Guys like Lavar Arrington, Rob Bolden, Paul Posluszny, etc are suspose to forget they even played college football. The NCAA is overstepping it's boundaries here like it has done numerous times in the past and will do in the future. There should be no sanctions at all against the school because this was a legal matter that didn't have anything to do with any football players but you know the saying, win as a team and lose as a team. We will see if State can weather the storm here but who would blame recruits and coaches for wanting to jump ship at this point? I wouldn't.


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I think we might live in a country full of dummies, or maybe people looking for the easy laugh. I saw Ted this weekend and the place was packed. There were a lot of great jokes in that movie that I was the only one laughing at. I don't get it, it seems like unless it's slapstick comedy these days people don't know when to laugh. There are a lot of great jokes in that movie that I think people will enjoy, if you are a witty, funny, smartass like myself. Maybe people don't want to have to think to be entertained these days either, who knows. I don't wanna get too heavy on the blog because I know nobody reads this, and the only way I know I will get in trouble at work is if somebody reads this and only the boss reads these so when he calls me into his office I will know what he is talking about. That's my rant from the weekend, who's ready for some Football?
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We talked about reincarnation on the show today. What a concept, I still don't know how it works, what do you come back as? a lesser life form? Plus, "Heaven" does it exist? I'd like to think there is something out there we've been trying to achieve to get to, but then scientist say people's "visions" are actually hallucenations. What a bummer, who knows what is out there but by the time we find out it's too late and we can't share it with the living, that's probably the worst part of it all.
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