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Posts from April 2012

I refuse to be the bad guy!
Gosh darn it. Ahem. I was utterly shocked the way people railed on me this morning via text at 72341 when I told a story about not wanting to help a friend of mine lie to his girlfriend after I accidentally kind of almost got him in trouble.
It's a big mess where he was talking about some girl he knows from Florida. She's moving up here. He was telling me how awesome she is so I go, "Well when are you gonna introduce me?"
I said that because he has been dating a girl for the last three years. I was just kidding. I figure I'll meet her at some point, but I'm not in a big hurry to do it. He tells me he isn't gonna introduce me at all. He informs me she is on his back burner. His plan B in case things don't work out for him and the current girlfriend.
Well, hell, when I talked about it on the air, I figured he had sense enough not to go telling his girlfriend all about this girl moving up here from Florida. He did, though, so she knew I was talking about him.
On the one hand, he had the balls to tell his girlfriend all about the girl he was going to cheat on her with. On the other hand, seriously? Who does that? And then to call me up demanding I lie to his girlfriend on top of that. I'll never understand people, but it isn't that hard to do the right thing sometimes. Like here, in this particular case, I am doing the right thing. I'll go to my grave defending my actions.
My actions, for the record, were to do nothing at all. I can easily defend such a stance as that!

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The Eskimo Brotherhood
Where does the term Eskimo Brothers come from? I don't know. I'm going to try and find out. You guys chill. That's eskimo humor.

Here it is. Thanks to urbandictionary.com, which is not very accurate.

"Origin: Because of the cold in the far north, Eskimo hospitality extends to sharing of beds and female companionship. A visitor is considered a brother."

So even though it's warm here in the south. Even though it's unseasonably summertime already, Matt and Jeff have extended the hand (aka d#@*) of friendship to one another in a bond that cannot be broken. No matter how badly they may want it to be.

What disturbs me is the lady in question and her peculiar interest in bedding everyone on the show. Were Fatboy not a married man, I know for a fact he would've been propositioned. I had my chance, but passed when not one but two of my co-workers came to me and told me they had already been there. Wow. Bizarre.

The things people will do. I can understand wanting to get both Crockett and Tubbs or Ponch and John or both Duke boys, but all four Rise Guys? I guess it's where you guy when Michael Cogdill and John Cessarich both said no.
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